Friday, March 6, 2015

House #3

We have moved to a third house!
This home just happened to be available for the extra week we needed!
I am really loving this counter!
9 kiddos fit around it and there is room for 2 more (PERFECT)!

The four older girls at the dinette table and room for the parents!
(I must be dreaming!)

ahhhh, yes...
This is not the most nutritious meal...

it's good enough when you just move into your third rental home and it took longer than expected so all of you groceries went bad in the car...
and had to be discarded...

And then there was a horrendous down pour of rain which made it very difficult to get more groceries.
So a drive through worked out just fine!
Thank you Mr. McDonald!

We've graduated from Little House on the Prairie to Dr Quinn Medicine Woman!
Let's give Jane Seymour and Joseph Lando, a shout out!
The girls LOVE Sully (and so does their mother)!

Melissa and Ava- two peas in a pod!

Madeline, Anna and Abby...
sound asleep!

Luke, Joey, Ben and Sam-
sound asleep!

It's easy to want more children when they are sound asleep!

Emma, Mia, Sarah and Ellie!
Happy big girls!
And they are very loud, chatting away at night!

The second house was quite a bit smaller and the kids where a little stir crazy with no place to go and nothing to play with, so... 

So we bought them a few "boy" things!

 Walkie Talkies were perfect!

Anna and Ben are very close! 
They have a special friendship and love playing together!
Sam has the other walkie talkie and they are going throughout the house reporting back and forth!

This is tigertail beach.
It's very close to our rental home!

While Hubby was working we headed to the beach!

And just about 6 blocks further is the main beach!
It was tough duty but I did the job!
I arrived and returned with all 13 of the children!

It is such a joy to simply watch them play together!

Thankful in Florida!


Jen said...

I can totally relate to the statement "It's easy to want more children when they are sound asleep!" Yep… totally relate! : )

K said...

Oh, too bad about the warm car and groceries, I can imagine that!

Your Florida vacation has looked enviable from the start. Can you please tell how you go about finding these vacation homes? I'd love to do this with my girls.

Sherri said...

Haven't been to tigertail in years....being your here in Florida, you should try out Sieta Key in Sarasota, that is a really nice beach, big white sand. If you get up that way, I would love to meet you and your family. I'm sure my little Emma would love it as well. She has a lot of little friends from China, but not 13 all at once :-)

Laurel said...

After a 16 month hiatus from the blog world, I am dipping my toes back. What FUN to catch up on your wonderful family!!!! I hope you will pop over and visit my new blog.

Hugs to you, my friend!