Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Florida!

We are home now but I still have many pics from Florida that I would like to put on the blog!
This will be last Florida post but I do have an "on the way home" post for later!

Katie did a photo shoot of the kiddos while we were in Florida!
Can't wait to see more of the photos!

We loved walking around the lake at the park and feeding the ducks, turtles, birds and geese!

Katie helped the kids do IXL math since we didn't have all of our school subjects with us!

We were soooo happy to have Emma and Ellie join us after 2 weeks!

We missed them and they missed us.

Our sitter Karen flew to Florida with them and after spending the day with us she met up with her friends!

We showed Karen the beach we go too! 
The kids love exploring the beach!

Ava found this starfish but then refused to... hold it!

It was wonderful spending time with Karen, the day went by so fast!

The next day we went swimming... even if it was a little cool, we didn't care!

Emily loved all of the attention from her Momma, Nana, and Aunts and Uncles!

The blow up toys were so much fun!

Sarah got the smallest one(s)...

And I got a spa treatment by a bunch of really cute kiddos!

We picked up a few craft projects!
The boys got trucks to paint and decorate!
Sam and Ben were the first to paint so they could show the little boys how to do it!

The next day after the paint dried they put their stickers on!

They all loved this project!

Some of the girls had paint by number pictures- they really turned out well!

More math on the computer!

Partially done!
Good job, Ava!

Hubby worked while we were in Florida so we did a variety of activities during the day to keep us busy!
We went to the local Library!

Joey has found a new use for his library books!

While others read to younger siblings!

This Momma LOVES quiet reading time!

It's a moment of peace and quiet!

Good boy, Joey!

He is learning his ABC's and phonics.

He is able to read many blends now!
Joey had a tuff start in China and has many developmental milestones to reach before learning becomes an interest to him.
He is such a sweetheart and wants to please his parents but he is impulsive and lacks the ability to make good decisions.
We have others with this challenge so it is not new to us
but it is something we will be working on for a very long time...

When we moved from one home and to another while in Florida,
there was a 6-7 hours period of being homeless...

(map of Marco Island)
We try to make the most of it, by doing fun and interesting things!

This time we visited the Rookery Bay Educational Center.

We saw a presentation on Florida Snakes...
and then went to our new home and saw one!

After a variety of responses on FB it was determined that it is a corn snake.

Harmless, but still scary!

I went to bed that night thinking it was a 


Wanna guess what I dreamed about?



you're right...

Thank goodness this guy is NOT real!

We also went to the park and played. 
Then had a pizza lunch.

More craft projects-

And playdoh!

Emma is happy if we are happy!
She is so sweet and simple!
More people should be like Emma!

There paintings turned out to be quite nice!

Went to the beach and hung out...
We had our regular clothes on- 
so this pic isn't from that time...

I told the children not to get wet...
Why do I bother!
Of course, at least 6 of 13 had WET bottoms!
I call that a victory!

For dinner we hit one of our fav restaurants!
I love this sign!
YES, I take a pick of it every year!

Thank goodness everyone behaved and was "attended"!
No expresso and no free puppies for us!

And this clock is

I want one!

As I look at this clock I can see it is time for us 

We have squeezed every ounce of fun we could get our hands on!
The children are ahead in their reading to the point of finishing their books that we brought, 
we should have brought more!

We have refilled meds on the island and 
our necessary medical supplies are almost diminished. We need to head home so we can refill! 

We are ready to see our kittens and doggies! 
And get back to our schooling and schedule!

The good news is-

 back home their seems to be a warmer weather trend happening!


Hope the trend continues!


kimjax said...

haha! Love the sign!! Why don't you just give it up and move down to FL full time, Jean? Or better yet - the Charleston, SC area!! We'd love to meet up with your bunch on the beach one day. :)

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