Monday, March 2, 2015

Partners In Crime!

You might think they look cute and innocent...

your wrong!
Cute, yes!
Innocent, oh no, no, no!

These two are 

And to their "seasoned parents"
they are
cuddly (believe it or not)
and so much more!

When God moved our hearts to bring them home, 
HE knew exactly what HE was doing!
Luke came home in December 2011 and Joey in December 2013.

They are best buddies and partners in crime!
They are so good for each other!
And yes, that is chocolate on Joey's pj's!
He always spills on himself!

And they are sooo good for us!
Oh my, how we love these two!

Sometimes my mind wanders and I think if Jacob in the mix!
I think he will have a lot of FUN with these two bros!
Jacob is one year younger than Joey and 8 months younger than Luke!
They will be the "Three Musketeers"!

Just think of all these two will be able to teach him... ugh!
And all that we (his parents) will have to unteach him and them! 

It reminds me of our Billy, Mark and Johnny!

When they saw these pics they thought they were the funniest two people in the world!
They kept saying,
"Look at me, look at me, hahahahahaha!"

Feeling blessed!


K said...

They look like such fun little boys! I have a bunch of girls myself, being single, that's what worked out, but if I'd been married, I'd have loved a few boys, too! I don't know to say it, I know you know how blessed you are.

Sally R said...

Lauren loves being able to watch Luke grow up. It was such an amazing experience to be able to care for him when he was so fragile and now to see him thriving in your home!! I LOVE how God orchestrated all of it!!!

Serving the King said...

Brothers to the core! Love these pictures!!