Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Are You My Mother?

Can you help us?

Two amazingly beautiful precious child are waiting for their forever family or families to bring them home!

This is her referral picture!
I just love this girl and know she will make a wonderful daughter

Here is an updated pic from 11/2014
She is in a great specialty home right now and being well taken care of plus she is attending school! 
She has a blood disorder.
I think she may have quite a few cavities but that can be repaired.

One of our girls lived at the same specialty home a few years ago!
She is 6 yrs old and will be 7 in May.
Please contact Lifeline for anymore information!

The two children do not know each other and and they are from different parts of China.

Oh my, sweet boy... we are so sorry we could not come to get you...

My heart is full just looking at these pictures!

And this is the pic that
"got us"!

I hope it gets YOU!

Lifeline has an awesome video of him!

This little guy was dx with hydrocephalus
we had his file reviewed through an adoption clinic 
and according to them he does NOT have it.

His head is completely within normal limits.
He is however, 
tiny and they suspect an endocrine issue.
I don't know that I agree but 
I was planning to bring him to the endocrinologist 
once we got home.

He is at a wonderful specialty home, too.

We desperately want these two treasures to have a good home 
and their very own 
forever family!

Much to our dismay, we are unable to bring them home...

Please consider adopting one or both of them.

You would be helping two beautiful children 
you would be helping our family to heal from this loss.

Please contact Lifeline for more information!

or call


K said...

As I read your post and saw the pictures of these precious children, I wondered if any of your adult children might be moved to make them your grandchildren? I know it's a way-off thought, but it's what clicked into my mind. I can't imagine them not being in your life somehow. Perhaps if they stay on the list much longer, those in charge might change their minds and let you become their mama.

Shay Ankerich said...

Oh Jean! I love them!!! Praying a family for both of them!!!!! And for your sweet heart!!! ❤️

McChesney Family said...

I saw your post and my heart goes out to you and the children.
My first thought was " oh, we can adopt them!" "wonder what my husband would say ?" Forgot we have no money because we are still paying for the adoption for the two that we brought home in June. And we would need income waivers because I am home full time now.
I have spent the last two weeks figuring out how to adopt again reusing our dossier and what grants our agency can offer us.
It hurts knowing we can't help orphans because of money.

Anonymous said...

Jean, I'm so sorry to hear of your situation. These are truly beautiful children. The fact that you can see beyond your sadness and fully advocate for them speaks volume of your true love and devotion for children needing families. You are an awesome mom!

Anonymous said...

I'm am just in love with that little girl!

mella dij said...

You are literally collecting children. That is deplorable. These children are not your items to collect. Youve adopted multiple children in a year. You really think you can give each child special love, care, and the feeling of being a real member of the family and not a damn novelty in a few months before you move on to the next child? You are incredibly selfish but also incredibly blind to your own behavior. I am disgusted.

Michelle said...

Wow. Jean, I'm sorry to read that comment criticizing you for adopting children. I admire your unselfishness and your untiring work, because adoption is alot of work!! And it's a huge financial sacrifice as well- while friends our age are driving nice cars and taking vacations, building up their IRAs and taking painting classes, I'm driving a 98 Expedition, buying bunkbeds and attending basketball games. We have 6 bio kids and 6 adopted, and working on #7, but it is a sacrifice of love, not a desire to collect children! Good grief. You and your husband are doing good work and providing a loving family and home for these children- unless this person has a better idea of how to handle orphan care, they shouldn't be so critical of those who are adopting.