Monday, April 13, 2015

Creative Fun!

Do you know what they are?

They are kitty tents!
We saw it on FB and Sarah made them for the kittens, who are now CATS!

Looks like Sully(James P. Sullivan) wants to visit his brother Mike(Wazowski)!

Emily is amazed by all of this!
And has decided that she would like her own kitty tent!

While we are here... lets just have a short talk on genetics!
Emily has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes...
so do I!
Okay, were done!

One more thing!
Katie and Andrew have hazel green eyes and brown hair.
That's all, I'm done...

I think I won!

Yes, Celia is spelled wrong on her tent, oops!

Our sweet Mikey kitty has a little something wrong with his eyes ;-)
He is the nicest, most cuddly cat BUT I think he make be cross eyed or something???
That is how he got his name (Mike Wazowski from Monsters, INC) at the Adopt a Pet Shoppe.
I didn't really notice it at first but...
YEP, they were right!

Sully has really turned out to be a great cat, too!
He was a bit jumpy and nervous at first but now he is so relaxed!

It was such a joy to have this sweet baby here with us!
More on that later!

Our Kitty tents didn't last long but they were fun for Sarah to make!
She used two wire hangers, cardboard and an old t-shirt of Dad's!

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