Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Easter 2015

Yes, I am a bit late with this post 
but better late than never!
I am trying to catch up from a very busy early April.
(and truthfully trying to heal from the loss of our two children...
it's hard folks...)

It was a blessed Easter!
Amazingly special because we brought up the gifts for the Thursday Church service - 
it was our first time and all of the children had a job to do.
It went smoothly and we all enjoyed being part of the service.

All of the church services were fantastic and the meaning of Easter came to life more than ever before...

Emily was adorable and loved the fun at our home!
But she wasn't too fond of being quiet in church!

The children all waited patiently as Emily had her first Easter egg hunt!
Oh my, how they wanted to jump right in and "help" her!

Everybody got to find 6 eggs!

Sweet girl had no idea what she was looking for!

But she started to catch on as we continue with the egg hunt!

No jellybeans or chocolate for her,
just puffs hidden inside!

She put EVERYTHING in her mouth.
Even when her Momma says no, she smiles and slowly puts it into her mouth!

This is the first group of egg hunters!

And this is the second group of egg hunters!

As usual we could not find the last egg- 
happens every year!

In the late afternoon more family members joined us for a celebration dinner!

So glad Billy could sneak away from work to be with us!

He is an accountant and it's(was) tax season!

He loves being an Uncle!

Guess who found the last hidden egg-
hours later!

It was a wonderful day but the next morning two very special people had to go back home...


; - (

Thank you for sharing so many special days with us!

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