Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Anna!

Our first precious child to come home from China!
We cannot believe that you are already 9 years old!
Anna was only 16 1/2 month old at gotcha day!
She weight 18 lbs and fit into 12 month clothes.

We celebrated at Nickelodeon Universe at the MOA!

 They all love it here and wanted to do any and every ride we could fit in!

We celebrated a few days early (before Katie and Emily arrived) because Emily's b-day is one day before Anna's and... well, two super fun days in a row can get a little tiring to this Momma ( or Nana and Papa)!
; - )

This is the NEW ninja turtle ride!

They have a birthday party package where you can buy a 3 hour bracelet 
(they also have a five hour one... Ummm, no thank you!)

The kids are getting bigger and most of the rides work for most of the kids!

But only a few were brave enough for this one!

Well, not really but it sounded good.
A bunch of them did this- yikes!

The hubby and I no longer feel we have to prove ourselves by going on all of the rides!

Don't get me wrong... we can do it... we are just choosing not too!

Bumper cars were the last activity!

Ellie drove and Emma rode with her!

The others were thrilled to drive their our "car"!
They are finally tall enough!

Joey rode with Sarah!
Sarah did a really good job- she is practicing up for her getting her license (in about 2-3 years)!

But her very reckless behind the wheel siblings kept bumping into her!

My goodness they had fun!

It was a great way to end our time at the MOA!

Keep practicing Sarah!

Home only 16 months and he speaks almost perfect English!
That doesn't happen often!
It kind of a treat for us!

The best part!
Time for presents!

And then dinner at Kobe!

We watch the same "show" every time and love it!

Everyone still laughs and has fun!

We keep coming back because of the great food and the fun!

Lots of eggs in our fried rice!

The birthday girl was very happy with her choices for her celebration day!

Special birthday dessert!

And the Happy Birthday song!

She loved the roller blades and safety gear she got for her birthday!

And she is quite good at it already!

While Anna was rollerblading, Ben learned how to ride a two wheel bike!

So proud of him!
We didn't know if he was ever going to be able to do this!
He was born with spina bifida and has a weak lower left leg.
Running is a challenge and he is unable to run for longer than 20 feet.

Candle time!

I cropped out the other kiddos because they had their eyes closed.
Love this of our Anna!

Feeling so thankful!

An answer for the cake questions!
This cake is a ben and jerry's large ice cream cake.
It's bigger and more filling than you think or than it looks!
We had 18 people and I think it feeds 20-24.

Since it is evening and we have had a full meal we cut relatively small pieces.
We always have left over cake!
But sometimes "people" sneak in and eat some of it the next day...
Yes... I have a few weaknesses and this may be one of them!
; - )

Happy 9th Birthday
baby girl!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I am curious are there additional cakes in the background as I always wonder how you are able to feed all the children on such a small cake?

Barbara said...

You do such fun birthdays! Any news you can share about Ben and Cassie's possibly being siblings?

Jboo said...

She's such a beautiful girl! How can she be 9 already! What a fun celebration!

Sherri said...

I love seeing your birthday celebrations with the kids. God has bless you so. I honestly hope to meet your family one day. Maybe the next time your in my neck of the woods. You were in Ft Myers a few weeks ago, and i'm just like 35 mins away, if that. My one little China doll would be like wow with your crew.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Is this new fun zone where the Snoopy World was before? I haven't been to MOA since 05 though I've been in Mayer several times since then. I really preferred the aquarium to the kid land, but my kids were older then too.

Looks like a good time was had by all.