Friday, April 10, 2015

We Really Can't Believe...

that Sarah is 15 years old...

She is such an awesome big sister to ALL of her younger siblings!
7 years ago we went to China to adopt an 8 1/2 yr old girl.
She only spoke mandarin and had very little formal education.
The first 6 months were challenging.
She was and still is a very feisty and stubborn girl.
Somehow we were able to "reach" her and now we have an
absolutely AMAZING daughter!

The big day happened when we were in Florida!

Since we weren't home and (ahem) I was the only cook... She made it easy and chose angle food cake with lots of whipped cream and strawberries on it!

Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!

She is the leader of the younger pack!
It is so much fun being her Mom!

Mom and the kids went to build a bear and both Sarah (March) and Anna (April) picked out a new bear!

My college friend Sally met us there!
She winters in Florida, brilliant idea and we may be doing that in the years to come!
It was so much fun seeing her and having her meet the children!
Sarah named her bear "Sally" after my friend!

Next, we went to sky zone to let out a little energy!

This mean Momma said they needed to jump the whole time- no long breaks!
We gotta get our moneys worth!

And then it was dinner at The Cheesecake Factory!
Once again they took one look at us, a mom with her 13 children and shook in fear!

But the kids were great and the dinner was such a treat for all of us!
Dad was out of town so we forged ahead and had fun without him.

This was her (and 
everyone else's) first time trying cheesecake!

They all loved it!

And the party went from one day 
on to the next and...

and onto the next!

This time she shared it with big brother Billy!

Who loves to tease her!

I love how the bigs and the littles interact!
The littles learn so much from the bigs!
And it's not all good things but it's all normal things,
such as how to burp the ABC's and other important stuff like that!

And finally it was present opening time!

Billy was a gentleman and let the ladies go first!
(ahhh, yea, Sarah reminded him)

We really can't believe that Billy is 27 yrs old...

The time really does go by much. too. fast...

Big brothers are so much fun for little brothers!

Our March Birthday kiddos!
They are both such a blessing to our family!
Billy is our sensible older child-
 as we have adopted he feels the need to sit us down and discuss any and all financial issues.
He's not wrong, he's right.
Things like that need to be discussed
but it does make me smile
because it's a complete role reversal!

Love all of these guys soooo much!

He let Sarah blow out the candles-
 Happy Birthday Sarah and Billy!


terre said...

i just love hearing about your family! the way you write, i KNOW we would be friends.

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Sarah and Billy!

Shelia Jacoby said...

Happy Belated b'day to your March kiddos. They are all indeed a blessing. Sara always looks very happy, so you indeed guided her to find her light.

Stephanie M said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sarah and Billy! Sarah, you are such a beautiful girl - with a beautiful smile!

Jboo said...

Happy Birthday to Sarah and Billy!! I have a 27 year old too and it is so fun to see him and Maddy (13) together! Love those big kids too! :)

Ms. Sigurdson said...

I laughed at "burping the alphabet." At one point, I had a 6 yo daughter, a 7 yo foster son, and his 4 yo sister. I could hear J talking very sweetly to my little girl, and gently coaching her. "Good job, you've almost got it. Try again like this." I rounded the corner to find him patiently teaching my little princess how to armpit fart! Some skills just have to be learned, and can apparently only be taught by a big brother!