Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Communion X3!

Abby, Ben and Madeline were so excited for their first communion!

They worked so hard on their banners!

We did the lessons at home together and then went shopping to get the supplies to make their banners!
The other kiddos wanted to go with us BUT no...
It was their moment!

My heart is so thankful for these amazing children!
They are ALL such treasures and yet they sit in orphanages 
they are discovered...
Thank you God for leading us to these three dear children!
(and our other treasures!)

Please consider adoption- it is such a blessing!

The big day finally arrived!
The girls were so excited to wear the First Communion dresses!
Yes, they may look familiar from last year.
We had five treasures doing first communion in May of 2014.
We are "going green" and reusing/ recycling the beautiful dresses that we already had!
It didn't bother them in the least!

We curled hair and had special hair pieces for the two girls!
Brand new socks with ruffles and new white sandals!

Thank you Jesus!

Hubby took the kiddos to the practices so I had no idea
 that they were carrying things down the aisle!

I definitely would have worried more if I would have known!
(FYI- we took pics without Madeline's glasses 
and then forgot them at home ; - )

BUT, all was well and we didn't spill, drop or break anything...

21 first communicants!
God Bless You dear children!
Their is a new group every Saturday eve and 
Sunday morning for 3 weeks!

Thank you Fr. Steve!
Loved your sermon!


And Thankful!

It was a wonderful evening for all of us!
We LOVE our church!

Billy joined us!
And yes, he is my new favorite child of the bigs!
(Just kidding!)
Thank you Billy!
he could not join us for dinner because of some...
"fight" goin on...

Yes... we took the easy route after the service and 
took the kids out to dinner!

They were thrilled with the whole experience!
From now on, these three can have communion!
Joey and Luke are next- in 2 years!

These two were part of last years group!

Thank you God!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Congratulations! So exciting! Love seeing everyone's first communion photos!

Jboo said...

Congratulations and special blessings to those 3 and all of your beautiful children!

Emily said...

Congratulations!!! They girls look so beautiful, and Ben looks so grown up! I can't believe how much he has changed.

K said...

The girls looked beautiful in their dresses, front and back! And what a handsome young man, too. Congratulations on such a special occasion!

Joy in Belgium said...

Such beautiful children!! It makes my heart so happy to see their smiles!