Saturday, May 16, 2015

He's 9!

And he is so happy to be celebrating his birthday!
He is joining Ava, Melissa, Abby, and Anna in our 9 yr old club!

Ben chose Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner!
I think the fact that everyone gets to play the hand held video games may have had something to do with his choice!

Big brother Johnny joined us for the celebration!
Because the older children are busy with school, work and their life in general it is always a real treat when they can be with us!

There was definitely some male bonding going on at the far end of the table!
We don't play video games at our house so this was a huge treat for everyone!
(We do play some games on the ipad for Dr appts and on a few other necessary occasions.)

Both Ben and Sam decided Johnny should sit right between them!
That way they could talk about their games together.

At one point Sam had his arm around Johnny!
Lots of brotherly love going on!

The opening of the birthday presents is such an exciting time for the children!
We give four gifts but sometimes Mom puts more than a few items in the box!
Oops, my bad!

Spy Gear was a huge hit!
The girls weren't so happy about this one because most likely the boys will be trying to spy on the girls!
We have set down a few "spy rules" in the house!

Ben LOVES legos!

And the smorgasbord box contained
a light up yoyo
yoyo trick book
a golf glove
and a watch!

Ben is a very content, mild mannered and happy child.
He does not ask for much, in fact his birthday list consisted of a light up yoyo!
(Thank you Am*z*n for making the birthday shopping for this Mom of Many E.A.S.Y.!)
His new watch has an alarm on it and we are hoping that in the near future 
he will use it to remind himself to cath. 
He often forgets and we need to remind him most of the time.
I think part of the reason is his because of his peaceful nature.
There is no pressure or embarrassment in our home 
(like there would be in a school or with peers) to 
not wear diapers or be continent.
He independently takes care of himself and it
doesn't bother him that his bathroom needs are different than others.

Oh my, did he LOVE his gifts!

Ben and Sam will be going to golf camp this summer!
Ben has a natural golfer demeaner!
Sam... (smile), not so much!
Sam never stops talking ; - )

He asked for a Ninja Turtle ice cream cake!
Many times readers have asked how on earth does one cake feed your family?
The birthday child gets a good sized piece of their cake but the rest of us get a much smaller piece.
We have LOTS of birthdays and really don't need a big piece of cake each time!
Plus it's always after a BIG meal so we are all a bit full.

Such simplicity and such joy!

He waited for his forever family much too long!
So thankful God chose us!

Happy Birthday Ben!


Sammy said...

He is one handsome little boy! You guys are blessed to have him!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy "9th" Birthday, Ben! You are such a precious and Brave young man. Praying that this next year of your life will be FULL of great adventures!

Holly said...

I love your family and learn so much from you:) happy birthday to your newest 9 year old!

likeschocolate said...

Happy BIrthday Ben!

Tommy Deemer said...

Happy 9th Birthday Ben :-)
Hey Jean, I'm a little lost so please forgive me. My wife and I are going through classes so we can adopt which is a awesome feeling. I'm confused about Ben. As I read in this blog, you mentioned about him doing his own cath (home and school I think) and if I'm reading this right he's wearing diapers? I did read that he already had surgery but needed more for his neck I think and something else. Now please understand I'm not making fun, all children have problems that is outta of control and its not his fault not by a long shot and I'm so happy that you guys made him understand that. I guess I'm just asking you to explain his condition to me because he looks healthy and of course a happy boy, well all ur children are happy kids :-) Your family is amazing

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