Saturday, May 2, 2015

Our Big Weekend In Colorado!

Her daddy is HOME
and it's time to celebrate!

He has been gone for 6 months... that is exactly...
6 months, too long.

He missed quite a few firsts...
But they skyped a lot and Andrew was able to see his sweet baby girl sit up, 
get her first, second, third and forth tooth,
crawl and walk for the first time through the computer!

In fact I think she was even more determined to 
"get to him"
on that screen!

Katie has a gift for putting a party together!
She did not get it from me...
(I think it was inherited from Hubby's mom!)

She is all about the details and she is completely relaxed about it.

She was all set to go in the morning even though the party was in the late afternoon.

There was only

The Daddy that just got home after being away for 6 months...
was sick...
high fever, chills, etc... kinda sick...

So we went to the
Welcome Home Andrew Brunch,
without Andrew.

It was fantastic... although we missed Andrew.

Emily got a little birthday cake!

She is actually being shy here and choosing not too look.

She needed a little help from her Momma!

It is so much fun to see her personality come out!
I LOVE this age!

Uncle Matt has grown his beard!
Emily just had to touch it!

And then giggle!

Andrew's mom is on the left, then Caitlin, Katie, Emily, Me and my sister Barb!

I love love love my babies at home BUT it was kinda nice to have a moment to be just a Nana!

And Papa love his time with his baby granddaughter, too!
Yep, she's barefoot!
The cute shoes are history and the tights are long gone!

We added the guys into the photo!
Andrew- we had a wonderful time at your party!
But we missed you ; - (

We were in Colorado Springs where it is sunny much of the time... 
Today and the whole weekend the clouds were thick. 
There are supposed to be mountains in the background!
And Pike's Peak is just to the left!
Really, honestly, it is!

We got our last minute things for the party and we were ready for the guests!

After being sick for 48 hours he rallied and came down to the party!
It was so so good to see him and know that he is back home!

A precious Daddy/ Daughter moment!

Love this pic of the three of them!
Yes, he looks good but he is a soldier and he does what he needs to do for our country
for his wife and child!

She is so happy to have her Daddy back home!

Emily loved her birthday cake!

She gently took some whipped cream.

And then daddy helped her
her birthday cake!

Smash cakes are the new thing!

Here are Emily's friends and their Momma's!

Auntie Barb, Matt and Me!

The Grandma's!

Fun with friends!

Baby BFF's!

For only being there for 11 months they have made some wonderful friends.

Truly this is my kinda crowd!
They arrived at 4:00 and left by 7:30!

Then we opened family gifts!
Auntie Barb gave Emily this monogramed chair!

Omi(Grandma in German) gave Emily her first doll and accessories!

She LOVED them!

We put the baby doll in the baby backpack and then put it on Emily!

And then we asked her
"Where is your baby?"
(please forgive me and the others!)
It was the funniest thing I have ever seen!
Sweet Emily walked in circled trying to "find her baby doll!
She knew it was on her back...
but just couldn't quite get to her...

Yes, there is a video BUT her Momma has it!

And we gave her a rocking unicorn!
BECAUSE every child needs a rocking unicorn!

She is literally jumping for joy in this pic!
Although, I think her feet didn't leave the ground- 
it was more of a 1 yr old jump for joy!

And then of course, we have to touch the horn!

And then we have to ride our unicorn!

And touch the horn AGAIN!

And it's always good to share the joy with our Momma!

So glad our baby girl liked her birthday gift!

That was tiring!

Nothing like a bottle while sitting in our new chair!

That night we decided to send her Daddy to the urgent care.
He had strep...
poor guy!
Problem is he's allergic to antibiotics and sulfa meds.
Thank goodness they were able to find something he could take!

We had such a wonderful time in Colorado!
It was a joy being with Andrew, Katie and Emily!
Omi and Auntie Barb, too!
We are thankful that Andrew was able to spend some time visiting with us 
after the party and the next day!

Their time in Colorado was short...
They are moving to Washington DC soon.

Love you!
So glad we were able to spend time together!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Perfect weekend!

Shay Ankerich said...

Precious precious from one grand mom to another. We are super blessed aren't we? Precious party and super precious baby!!! Love and blessings! Shay

Megan said...

Great pictures! What fun to have Emily's daddy home, after such a long time away. I'm so thankful for the sacrifice that military families make to keep our country safe :) God Bless Katie's family.

MsJess said...

On the bright side, DC is a great place to visit. Just don't go in the summer when it's super hot.