Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Process of Catching Up!

Sarah is so excited!
Her new school books arrived in mid May!

We do the Abeka video program.
She has learned so much and gained confidence in her school work!
She was almost finished with 5th grade and we decided to move her ahead to 6th grade!
The beginning of the year is review and then comes the new material.
We felt like this would be a great opportunity to move ahead faster.
Our plan is to move ahead again once Sarah is at lesson 100-120(out of 170), which should be sometime in November.

She will continue this pace through middle school.

This is not a fit for everyone but we felt that Sarah could it at this point in her education.
Some of our kiddos need to go slow - the repetition helps them to remember the new lessons.
Sarah is a good student but also and averages B's.
She is confident and growing in her maturity.

I went to the homeschool conference with these four kids, this year!
It was a first for Mia, Ava and Melissa.
They loved looking at their new school books and all of the other learning materials at the conference!

Enrolling 11 children is no small task!
Love you Abeka but you need to update your enrolling process- it's from the 90's...
Separate paperwork for all 11 children and all blanks need to be filled in on each form (handwritten).

The children at home went to a local farm for an 
"Animal Babies" class!
WE LOVE babies of all kinds- humans, birds, cows, pigs, puppies and so on!
They had a wonderful time!

We really had fun together and got lots of
"new stuff" for all of the kiddos!

Sarah was very excited to get started on 6th grade!

We will take a 4-6 week school break over the summer.

Sarah will most likely do 1-2 lessons per week 
during our break time.
Then get back into the regular schedule in mid to late July.

Sarah would like to go to college someday.
She will not be a science or history major.
She will probably not be an English teacher either but
that still leave many other wonderful possibilities!

New books, new videos, new teachers and new bible stories!
It doesn't get much better!


Joy said...

Way to go Sarah! I hope you have a great school year.

Sally R said...

The teacher in me gets excited seeing all those new books and curriculum!! I love it!!

kimjax said...

It feels like Christmas in summer when you get all your new books! :) She looks so cute with her Bible lesson. Mine started early also - they're so excited!! We've found some great read aloud books as well - LOVE summer!!

Vicki said...

We do Abeka, too, and love it!!! My girls enjoy their teachers sooo much - especially Mr.Howe.
Have a great summer.

Janet said...

I'm glad you all love Abeka, my oldest son is a manager there. I will pass on your registration comments=)

Chantelle said...

I love that you share and are so open. We are raising a family of 4 bio sons and 1 adopted daughter...ages ranging from 15 to new baby (surprise baby to us!) but your blog encourages me that our work is not done! Even as we get older we hope to adopt again and/or foster children/teens. It is such an underserved mission field and making the difference for just one could mean one more soul in heaven, which makes it all worth it!