Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why I LOVE Adoption!

I love pretty much everything about adoption
but here are some of the perks!

Hubby and I went out on a rare date!

We came home to find our bed turned down
and chocolates waiting for us!
Sarah is such a fun daughter to have!
Adopted at 8.5 yrs old and now she is 15 yrs old!
Once they have been home as long as they were in the orphanage (or away from you)
they have fully integrated to their new life.
I have heard this a couple times from "adoption experts"
and I believe it.
I am sure there are exceptions but for us we seem to be
"on track" with this way of thinking!

My birthday hasn't quite arrived yet but our dear Madeline is all set 
and excited to give her card to her Momma!
And that Momma just happens to be me!
Yay GOD!

We do the Abeka homeschooling program 
and the 3rd grades assignment was to write a letter to your Mom/teacher!

Ava came home before her 6th birthday and is now just about 10 yrs old!
Even though she has been home less than the time she was in the orphanage I would definitely say she is fully and completely integrated into her life and our family.
She will joyfully argue with us and not think twice about letting us know she is right and we are wrong about whatever issue it may be!
She is witty and has such a fun sense of humor!
She smiles and radiates joy 
all. of. the. time.!

I cannot tell you how much these dear letters warm my heart!

Mia, is such a precious child!
She came home at 11yrs 3 months and her transition has not been completely easy.
Life in her orphanage was tough.
It was a very poor orphanage- no heat, no air, no running water and not inside corridors.
The girls bonded closely with their peer group and had a family of sorts.
They were very close and it was hard on each of them to separate and join their new families.
When Mia is sad sometimes it is because she misses her friends from China.
She also has a timidness (yet bold at times) and shyness about her.
She doesn't share her past and has forgotten most of it.
Mia had very little education and it was hard on her to "jump into" our homeschool.
She wants to be the best and conrtinuously works very hard.
Sometimes she forgets that it is more important to learn the information instead of just "getting it done".

This letter to me brings me such joy!
No periods, commas, capitols 
but one of the BEST "run on" sentences I have EVER read!
Thank you Jesus for the progress that she is making!

Melissa- you are a treasure and you have quite the sense of humor!
Yes, you know Daddy will see this and he's gonna get ya back!
Melissa has jumped into school and has more than made up for lost time!
She did very well in school in China and had no problem joining the first grade class at home when she knew "zero" English!
She is quiet, clever and has the best "dry" sense of humor!
Melissa could blend into the crowd but we don't let her!
 She is making her presence known more and more with each passing day!
She is a complete  JOY!

This is from Anna!
The first home!
The handwriting, the erasing and the random but creative sentences are her to a "T"!
She is a love bug!
She is happy to have been the first one to come home but she also wishes she had more of an "adoption story".
She was only 16 months and can't remember a thing about China.
At time she makes up her own adoption story!
She often thanks us for her family!
She has graciously welcomed 12 more siblings!
When she cuddles in our arms it's comforting and so fitting, there is just nothing awkward about it.
Anna has a lot of energy and a great sense of humor!
She likes to "get what she wants" and sometimes has trouble waiting for it.
She is so very smart! 
However, listening and paying attention are a bit hard for her.
Anna is as skinny as can be and growing like a weed!
Next winter she will have her bone graft done on her upper jaw.
They had to wait longer than expected for this surgery.
She needed more time to grow bone and with bilateral cleft
there is a bigger space that needs to be filled with bone.
When we saw her picture we knew she was our daughter- 
it was love at first sight.
We felt God guiding us to her and we knew all would be well.
We assumed her cleft would be a breeze and we were exactly wrong ;-)
She has pretty much had every complication a cleft child could have.
No worries, because she is all ours!

Sweet Sam has a heart of gold!
He loves us all so deeply.
He is kind, helpful, thoughtful and joyful!
Except for the few times when he gets irritated at his siblings.

Sam is a smart guy and he likes to be the "man of the house!
He likes to fix things, tinker around and help out whenever he can.
He is ALL BOY!

And he loves to bring whatever he catches outside... 
to his Momma who is inside!

Sam aims to please his Momma and Daddy!
He is a chatterbox and shhhhhh is not in his vocabulary.
He is personable and friendly to all that meet him and can start up a conversation with anyone.
Sam is from a very very poor orphanage. 
He was adopted at 4.5 yrs old and has no memories of China.
He does not desire to return to China 
but he would go if he was certain he could be close to us at all times.
When Sam is sad, he is deeply sad.
When he cries it is hard to help him to "stop crying".
He goes to a place deep inside his heart to a place of mourning and past hurts.

He is such a blessing to us!

So here is a little window into the joys of adoption!

Six little blessings that have blossomed in front of our very eyes!
God is so good!
We are so thankful!


Emily said...

Oh, how this post delights me!!! I just love it! Those letters are precious.

Megan said...

What sweet children! It's fun to see their letters to you :) And they all have such nice handwriting!! Great job as a teacher AND mom!!

Mary DeGennaro said...

Jean, What treasures these letters are! And they all have such good penmanship! I really want to meet these darlings some day!!

Stephanie M said...

Super, super sweet!!!

anyabar1987 said...

Amazing cursive and really neat handwriting

Zanmei said...

Beautifully written letters. Mia's especially made me smile - I teach English to Chinese children in Taiwan, and "run-on" sentences are their speciality!

Janet said...

The cursive is amazing for those only home a short time! Did you start with the cursive version of that curriculum?