Saturday, June 20, 2015

And what did they bring us this time...

how we love this little family!

BUT there seems to be trend!

Every time we see them they "attempt" to give us a gift...
of sorts...

Last time it was
(actually none of us got it ;-)

This time it was HFM...
that would be hand, foot and mouth disease...
(Our baby girl LOVES the wiggles! And apparently so do her aunts and uncles!)

She's looking at an ipad that's playing the wiggles.
Sooo cute!

I will warn you right now there are way too many pics in this post
when it comes to our "grandbaby" we just can't help ourselves!

Sweet Emily got it from a little friend of hers and then she shared it with her Momma!
Her Momma felt rotten but thank goodness was spared the major rash on the face.

Emily and her Momma were on the mend 
when we went out for lunch!

Whew... we all felt like we had to

Emily, too!

Our kiddos have been exposed to so much from their previous
life in an orphanage.

HFM was nothing for them!

Except Anna, she didn't get much time to build up her immunity because she was the first one home at 16.5 months.

She got a mild version
(fever, headache, scratchy throat but NO rash), 
but was back in business within 2 days!
Luke had one day of a fever that quickly disappeared- 
he was the second youngest to come home at 3 yrs old.

This adorable family stopped in MN on their way from 
Colorado Springs to Washington DC.
Yes, it was another move for them.

Moving often, is part of military life.
It can be a bit stressful and that is probably why 
Katie got a little sick but
with all they had to do, they handled it like a champ!

When Luke and Abby came home in the end of 2011 
they couldn't walk from one platform to the other.
They did not have the balance or strength.
They are both so proud that they can do it now!
It is such a blessing to be able to see them learn and grow!

After packing up the house and then packing up the car with things they will need for the next month, and then living in a hotel, they were thrilled to be "in our house" to recuperate.

Love the smiles!

Emily is so glad her Daddy's home!

She absolutely adores him!

We love having a super long driveway for bikes, scooter and big wheels!

Anna is a great helper!
(and that is how she got sick ;-)

Good job Emily!
2 points!

Where ever Emily leads- her posse follows her!

She is the boss!

All of her Aunts and Uncles think she is the cutest thing!

Wagon time!

Madeline is enjoying it, too!

My favorite pic! 
I love how they are looking at each other!

You wanna challenge me?

The big boys came over at the end of the week!
Notice the new porch furniture!

Now we have many more places for people to sit down!

Kelly (Billy's fiancee) and the kids!

(Yep, we need a picture on the wall behind us!)

Sarah and Ellie are wonderful helpers!
We are blessed by adoption!

Emily also took a little spill and scraped her nose ;-(

She is adorable no matter what she is doing!

Our baby's face is healing ;-)

I'm not sure who is copying who, here!

Johnny just loves his little niece!

He spent January in Colorado with them and they bonded!

Awwwww, love you big kids!

Our littles (who are getting bigger too fast)!
Blessed by adoption!
So thankful!

Even Penny has a spot on the new porch furniture!

I love being a Nana!

Such JOY!

Last chance to hold our baby girl!
As you can see she does not want to leave her Nana and Papa!

Emily is saying 
"Where are we going now?"

"Nana can I stay with you?"
Yes, baby girl! You sure can!

Silly baby!

She has her snack, her ipad with the wiggles on it, her puppy dog and her Mommy and Daddy in the front seat...
all is well in her world!

Off to Chicago and then Washington DC!

We miss you already!
Come back asap!
(Even if you're sick!)

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