Friday, June 12, 2015

Our Graduate!

We are very proud of our girl!

She was very excited to have Mom and Dad come to her school!
And she was looking forward to the graduation ceremony and picnic lunch!

Her teacher said many nice things about her!
Emma's middle name is Joy and that is exactly what she is- a joy!

Her friend (and volunteer) helped her with her speech.
Often times Emma does not have a voice, 
so her friend did most of the talking and guided her through!

Here is her 8th grade graduating class!
All three will move on to the high school!
The boy on the right has a wonderful sense of humor!
He teases his family that he wants to be adopted into his friends family- so he sometimes uses the other last name (quite witty!)!

Ellie will move up to 8th grade next year! She got an award for the best kitchen helper!
She is an awesome kitchen helper at home AND at school (they cook in class on Fridays!).

Emma loved this but it was also kind of hard - I know she would like to stay with Ellie in school.
But once she is at the high school she will feel more comfortable with the change.
Emma will be 15yrs this summer and most likely she is actually older.
Emma functions at an 18 months - 3 yr old level, although sometimes she surprises us!

Here are all the volunteers and friends that could join us for the graduation and picnic!

It is so heartwarming to see our girls with the kids at school.
The other kids are learning compassion while our daughters are being encouraged- it is a blessing both ways!

The girls had a fantastic school year!
Their teacher Mrs. W was amazing and so were the paras in the classroom!

We feel incredibly blessed to have this wonderful public school option for our daughters!

Emma and Ellie with their friends!
Most of these girls will go to high school with Emma.
It will make her feel more comfortable seeing familiar faces!

So thankful that our two girls are happy and adjusting well!
God is so good!
Thank you Jesus!


Sue said...

How special is that. And her smiles....

Jennie said...

Emma is beaming - very happy for her. She has made great strides - as she has wonderful family support who believes in her. To God Be The Glory!!!

Lisa and Tate said...

Congrats Emma!!! She has come such a LONG way since you first met her in China. Look at that smile!

Megan said...

So glad the girls had a great year!

Vicky said...

Congratulations Emma! What a precious time!