Tuesday, June 23, 2015

She's 10...Already!

It was a magnificent day!
And it was the day we chose to celebrate our wonderful Ava's 10th Birthday!

Finally, we got perfect summer weather on a weekend!

The first time out on the boat is always 
the best!

And Daddy did not disappoint!
He drove in figure 8's so we had lots of waves, bumps and jumps!

And then we let down the anchor and swam in the lake!

We only have the kids that can swim easily in water over their head, jump into the lake.
And THEY ALL have to wear life vests!

The water was

okay, it was down right COLD!
(No, I didn't go in, but hubby did!)

It was so FUN and these kids are tough!

They could handle the cold water!

After the dip in the lake we boated to a restaurant and had an early dinner!
Big bro Billy and fiancee Kelly met us there!
They just happened to have a, a, a "balloonist"...
I believe I just made that word up!
In other words a person making creations out of balloons! 

This is Ava's Birthday crown!

Of course Joey and Sam chose swords!
Of course...
And yes, a fight ensued shortly after the swords were made!
Yes, right in the restaurant!
Yes, I did stop the sword fight!

The kids loved it and

each one got to choose what they wanted!
I don't know what half of them are ;-) 
but they are cute and fun!

This is a monkey in a tree!
(It's Emma's, Sarah got a peace sign!)

All were fed and 

all were happy!

And then we got into the boat 
and a few balloon creations 
began to take on new forms or pop!

That's okay!
Some things are just meant to bring us happiness 
for a short while!

And then Sarah need to reconfigure a few of these creations into her own creation!

We have ample protection now!
Don't dare mess with us, we are armed and dangerous!

Once back at the ranch-
we continued on with our birthday party!

And wwwwhhhhhoooo'ssss birthday is it?


Pierced ears... NO WAY!
Mia has a certificate for pierced ears too (from her bday on October)!

It looks like we will be bring two girls in together for this monumental moment!

(after swim team is over with!)

They will derive strength and bravery from each other!
They both have a little chicken in them!

And she got flippers with a snorkel and goggles!
She has very sneaky plans to put them on during the swim meet and WIN the race!

Awwww, I love these guys! 

Ava chose a cake with a horse on it!

She loves horses!
She loves animals of all kinds!

Happy Birthday AVA!
You are an amazing blessing to our family!

Now... the question is...
how many boyfriends are you going to have?
(Meaning how many candles will still be lit after you attempt to blow them out?)

Her first attempt proved that their were many boyfriends...

we are in trouble!

On her second try she got the job done!

So thankful for this girl and for all of our treasures!

Praise GOD!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Happy DOuble Digits! May God Bless and protect you all the days of your life giving you much joy and happiness.

Laurel said...

Looks like a wonderfully FUN day! Our family LOVES to go to the lake! Happy Birthday to your Little Miss.