Friday, July 10, 2015


Recently our family went on a little vacation.
I will post the fun part of our vacation very soon.

But this post is the "not too fun" part...

Thank goodness Sylvia our silver sprinter van was fixed in time for us to leave on our 
vacation- only one day late. 
We were very thankful to even be able to go at all...

Unleaded gas does not work in a diesel engine and 
a new engine is $30,000.00

Thankfully the siphoning and diesel wash worked!

As we were driving down one of the many 
county roads in Wisconsin,
a little red convertible was stopped at a stop sign.

For some reason hubby questioned if these people saw us...
he watched them as we came closer (at 55mph) to the intersection.
He kept thinking
"they're not going to go, are they?"
"they're not going to go, are they?"

they did...

we are a huge vehicle 
and they NEVER even looked our way...

At that point we were about 30 yards from the intersection
(once again, going 55 mph)
and they were directly in front of us.

Hubby yelled out
"Oh My God"
and slammed on the breaks.
I was watching my phone for directions to our next destination.

I popped my head up and said,
"Oh Lord Jesus".

There was no doubt in my mind we were going to hit them.
Sylvia skidded into the intersection as hubby would not let up 
on the brakes.
He veered as best he could to the right to give them as much space as possible to slide by us. As he was doing this we could feel the weight of our vehicle shifting onto the left side.
We feared tipping but our sprinter stayed on a four wheels.

It was at that moment he 
He veered into the next lane and stepped on the gas.

Our vehicle is tall and for a moment I lost site of them and 
then they popped out on the other side of us.

We ended up on the wrong side of the road 
that crossed the intersection,
on the egde of the ditch (not in it).

I don't know how we didn't hit them.

He drove on...

you've got to be kidding me...

you are driving on...

until he decided to come back...

At which point the Momma bear came out and 
I greeted him and his on coming car with a few choice words...

And thanked the dear Lord Jesus for His protection.

He immediately apologized profusely. 
He was as white as a ghost.
His wife was "in shock" and her hands were on her cheeks- 
she couldn't speak.

He said
and we all know what that means.

So please friends, let's put our phones away when we drive...

He came to our vehicle and apologized to all of our children,
per my Momma bear request.

If we had hit his 
very small red convertible 
there is no doubt 
one or both of them would be dead.

I don't know what would have happened in our van with the impact 
but we may have had injuries.

Thank you guardian angels!

Praise GOD everybody was okay!


Jo's Corner said...

Terrifying! Thank You, Lord Jesus for Your Protection of everyone involved. Love, Love, Love ~ Jo

Sammy said...

So, happy you're all OK! Praising the Lord!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

So grateful for your husbands quick thinking and the Lords hands protecting you!

Wendy said...

Praise God everyone is ok. Good lesson to be learned. Oh my.

Kath said...

Thanks to all those guardian angels watching over you. Adventure seems to find you whenever you travel. My husband once put unleaded gas in a rental car when he was in Germany on business, Yup a distr for sure! You and your hubby handled that oops with such grace, I love that all your kiddos have a front row seat to watching your incredible teamwork and abilities to handle tough stuff. Hope you have a great, peaceful getaway!

Anonymous said...

So glad to know that you are all OK . . . and kudos to Jim for realizing that the other driver wasn't paying attention! Just one thing . . . you may want to "blur" your and the other car's license plate number . . .

Enjoy your trip and Safe travels!