Sunday, July 12, 2015

One Happy Daddy!

This is from Father's Day 2015!
Sorry I am so late posting it!

Our two big boys came home to watch the U.S. Open with their Dad!

And of course where ever the big boys are the little's want to be!

Even if they aren't really golf fans!

They all go with the flow and love 
to just being together!

Mia adores her daddy and knows he is a softy!
(She also knows her mother is not ;-)

We love summer and all the pretty flowers!
The kids grew the marigolds from seedlings!
They are really doing well!

It is such a treat to sit out on the deck!

Johnny and his friends have started their own website business!
They spent last summer at a program in Chicago learning how to code.
Now they are using all they have learned!

These two are learning all about golf and last week they went to a golf camp!

The US open was quite exciting this year!
Go Jordan!

He did it!

This was a perfect day for this Dad!
Family, golf and a steak dinner on the grill!

Sam cannot get enough of his big brothers!
He is heavily into male bonding!

That would be me... taking a selfie!
 Just wanted you to know that I was there, too!
As Mom's, we sometimes don't get in the pictures 
unless we hand the camera to someone and tell them to take a pic!
FYI... I didn't even know I could take a selfie and actually see the screen as I took the pic!
I have so much to learn when it comes to electronics!

The kids wrote Daddy nice little notes like they wrote me for Mother's day!
They did such a good job and were so proud of them!
They love their Daddy!

And He loved all of the kind words they wrote!

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Sean and Lisa said...

I just love your beautiful family Jean!