Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Short and Sweet!

Matt and Caitlin were in town!

They weren't here for long, just part of a day and an evening!
But, hey!
We will take what we can get!
Hubby was away on business, so he could not join us.

They promised they would come back soon!

Thank you to Sarah, our photographer!
(and yes, I handed her the camera and asked her to take a pic of the three of us!)

It's a race to 5 feet 2 inches! 
Sarah wants to be taller than Caitlin!
It looks like she may have reached her goal!

 It's so much fun being together!

They are pretending to walk like a very old person...
Hmmm, I'll try not to take it personally!

We are huggers!

Thank you for stopping by Matt and Caitlin!


Vicki said...

We are huggers, too.
Hey - When are planning to start writing THE book? The one you probably need to write - about adoption, family, faith, homeschooling, and the challenges. It'd be a bestseller for sure!!!

Vicki said...

Rats...left out "you" "When are you planning...."
That's what typing/blogging in an iPhone will do to ya.

mehmet kelebek said...
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