Sunday, August 30, 2015

Big Girls Only!

Last October we gave Mia a certificate to get her nails done and her ears pierced...

Mia never asked to use it, so I wondered if she was 
too scared to do it?
She has a very timid side to her but also a hugely bold side...
Life was busy, so we just let it go for awhile!

And then, this June we gave Ava the same thing.
Thinking Mia might want to do it IF Ava was doing it!
Ava asked us... over 100 times if we
"could go today" 
and get her ears pierced and nails done...

We decided to do it AFTER swim team season to give the ears 
a better chance at healing!

Sometimes it's hard to figure out this sweet girl?

BUT, I am learning and we have made huge strides 
in our relationship!
The positive progress has been made through using 
the empowered to connect strategies
and through prayer.
I will also be attending the empowered to connect seminar
 in MPLS on Sept. 18th and 19th!
So excited to learn more about this method of parenting!

For awhile, I was taking her moods and challenging behavior 
as a personal attack and insult.
(Ya'll know that teens are hard...
and older adopted teens...
are harder!)

My outlook and viewpoint is completely different now.
When she starts to act... odd, challenging, oppositional...
I bring her closer (instead of pushing her away) and reassure her 
of our love and of her capabilities.
I consider myself her cheerleader (encourager) and 
biggest fan (loving and supportive) instead of
allowing negative thought, criticism and question come into my head...

We are beyond amazed at the turn around 
(not every moment of everyday but often)!

Plus, we are getting so many more 
genuine smiles, 
and even 
"I love you's"!

I had forgotten to say 
"I love you"
for far too long...

She needed to hear that!

And once we were arrived to get their ears pierced...
this girl(Ava) was the chicken...
not her sister(Mia)!

So thankful for the beautiful smorgasbord of personalities 
we have here at our house!
God knew!
somehow it all works out!

Ellie and Sarah joined us!
We did our nails, ate lunch out and then pierced ears.
(I love the colors they choose!)

We had a wonderful time together!
Feeling thankful!


Karen said...

Is the empowered to connect strategy a book? Could use a little bit of help dealing with our older adopted teen's mood swings and unpredictable behaviors. ;)

Shay Ankerich said...

A beautoful mom filling beautiful hearts. Love you Jean and the example you set. Blessings and love!!!

Emily said...

The Empowered to Connect conference is going to transform your life. I've been twice now, and every time the material hits me where I am, and it has made me such a better mom to my challenging kiddos. I am so excited for you!!! You're going to love it.

Anonymous said...

Will definitely have to check out Empowered to Connect . . . thank you for mentioning. You are such an awesome mom!

PS . . Did you notice how the girls' nails match their Crocs?! HaHa!

Wendy said...

Love the nails!!!! What a special time to spend with your girls.