Saturday, August 8, 2015

He's Home Sweet Home!

Mark arrived home last night!
It feels so good to have our big boy home!
The kids asked how long would he be staying "this time"...
We were so happy to be able to answer-
He is is here for awhile, he is not going back!

Mark completed his Fulbright studies in Fiji and now he will be getting his Masters in Business (at a University close by!)!

The kids made some last minute "welcome home" signs ; - )

He has been gone since October 3rd, 2014...
That is much toooo long to be gone!
(He was able to come home for 2 short visits)

The whole crew wanted to greet him at the airport!
Mark went on our China trips to get Mia, Melissa, Madeline, Ben and Joey!
He holds a special place in their hearts and in the hearts of all the children!

The next day we went to "The Minions" with Johnny and Mark!

It does this Momma's heart good having her boy home!

Three of our five bigs are living in the area!
So, so happy about that!

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Jboo said...

Yay -- I'm sure you are all so happy to have him home again! Enjoy!