Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ribbons and Medals Galore AND a Servants Heart?

the swim team was definitely a positive experience!

The hardware proves it!

It was fun for us to go to the meets!

I loved how supportive they were of each other!
They would cheer their siblings on- hootin and hollarin!

Mia is ready to dive in!

I have a confession to make...
I may have missed a few of the races  ; - 0
One after the other, it was constant when you have 7 swimmers!
A couple times there were more than one of our kiddos in a race
(and I didn't know it, hee hee).

They would walk up to me and say,
"how did I do?"
(Then I would get that feeling... you may know that feeling...
ahhh, oh no, did I just miss you feeling?)
And I would do what any other good mother would do!
I'm trying not to use the L word...
as in "lie"...
Instead, I stretched the truth!
I said, "You did fabulous, honey!"
(fingers crossed because... I completely missed it)

Sarah also competed in diving!
She actually did quite well for her first time competing.
Her gymnastics really helped her with the flips and twists!

This is from the Champs meet and she came in 5th for the 15 plus age group!
She competed against other high school divers!
Sarah was also in the champs swim meet and came in second for one of the relays!

The rest of the kids did the Junior Champs Meet
(that's the fun meet!).

Sam's relay got 2nd place for the 7 and 8 yr old group.

Many of the other kids were in relays, too!
Our team dressed in a Hawaiian theme!

Half the fun was dressing up!
We won the spirit award!

The kids have their trophies, medals, plaques and ribbons decorating their room!

Getting the ribbon and medals were a lot of fun!
Some were earned and some were received 
"just because"...

The kids truly enjoy it and it was a confident booster
I recently read an article about
ribbons and medals
and children just receiving them... just because
and it spoke to my heart.
(Many of the ribbons, medals and plaques were earned and many were just given for being in the race. Tp be honest when I look at how far our children have come- I see the "just given ribbons" as earned!)

We want our children to have
a giving heart
instead of
a gathering heart.

We have done "Meals on Wheels" with the children and "Feed My Starving Children".
All of the children "pitch in" at home and they have their own personal chores (making their bed, putting their clean clothes away, etc) and family chores (prepping for dinner and cleaning the kitchen after a meal, doggy and kitty cares), etc.
The children lovingly and naturaly help us and each other-
it's a joy to see!
It has been wonderful for our big kids to see how our younger crew work together!
We go to church every Saturday or Sunday.

But I am talking about a deeper commitment to the Lord and 
a "heart to serve Him".

People like-
 Meredith Toering
The Block Family
Kisses from Kate
Emma Saunders and the Gem Foundation
(and I am sure there are many more!)
They truly amaze me!

I am hoping and planning to make a few changes in what we put our time into...
I am thinking in order to have a servants heart
they will need to be taught
to serve our Lord.
To help others.
To give from their hearts.

They need to see this is us...
and in what we put our time into...

I really don't know how to do this...
So I am praying about it and
planning with God's direction!

I am (kinda)good at loving, parenting and giving to our children
I need to learn how I can teach our children to have a servants heart.

Comments are welcome!

How have you taught your children to

What did your parents do that helped you to have 
the heart of a servant?


Wendy said...

Hi Jean,
I good start might be to work at a shelter and serve meals. We have done this throughout the years and it really opens up the children's eyes as to how other people have to live. They see people who are soooo very thankful for the food given to them. It is easy for children and adults alike to take for granted the ability to go into our kitchens and grab a snack when we really are not that hungry. Others do not have this ability and for us to see this really is an eye opener. When we first did this, I thought it would be hard but it was very much an enjoyable experience for all of us.
I have to add, our children from China do know the hardships and struggles themselves and now they deserve all the medals and fun things happening.

Karen said...

Our 13 year old is learning to have a servant's heart by assisting a couple of the senior citizens from our church. Occasionally she goes to their homes to do cleaning, sorting, and/or helping with cooking. She's not only developing a servant's heart, but a passion for older members of our society is growing. She loves to hear their life stories and they love sharing them with her. said...

I grew up in a large family (13) and now have a large family of my own (10 going on 12). Each day there are many opportunities to serve God by serving each other. Do we each struggle with selfishness? Sure! But large families breed servant leaders. As I have watched by siblings become adults each one of them know how to see needs and serve others, innately. It's a beautiful thing!

Janet said...

Is there a special equestrian facility near you? My oldest (now 23) loved horses, and took riding lessons. She then volunteered at special equestrians. I loved that she saw so many physical disabilities, she realized how blessed she was to be healthy.

K said...

Service begins in the home, then reaches out into the community. Are there little helping chores they can do for each other?

There is a website. I think it's called where you can browse and see what's needed in your area. It's free and non-solicitous. Just look and see what you might be able to do or be interested in doing then do it.

Point out people in your daily lives who might need help, an older person might need the door held open, make cards to cheer someone up or to congratulate them on an achievement or special event. Pick up cans and bottles somewhere, like a park, then donate the money to a charity (won't be much, but it's something).

Ask them for ideas of their own. See what they come up with. Ask around at church.