Monday, August 3, 2015

The Hairbrush Dilemma!

 What was I thinking?
Six hair brushes for 9 girls.
And at least two were "missing in action" almost 
So that means we had only 4 active able bodied hairbrushes, 
ready to be used at any given time...

Foolish, foolish me...

One by one they were coming to breakfast with bed head...
The pecking order was activated and 
some dear children
a hair brush...

If an individual misplaced her hairbrush she would simply go to the next child and 
take hers (like take take... not borrow) 
and so on 

So I went straight to
and ordered us up
some hairbrushes!

And, as they arrived the smiles came back into our home!

I don't know what I was thinking when I thought sharing might be an okay thing.
Obviously, it wasn't okay with the clientele!

And then the hairbrushes kept coming...
and coming... and coming!

I may have over ordered!

Now everyone has their OWN hairbrush!

No one has to share!

We have more hairbrushes than we have girls heads in the house!

Maybe it's a sign?


We have 16 hairbrushes...
Yep! 2 more arrived after the pic...
the girls in this house think this equals...
let's see
16 - 9 = 7 
as in 7 more girls need to come home...

The boys (in this house) do not agree...

(Maybe we can quickly have 7 granddaughters!)


MamaFoster said...

Love it. Glad I am not the only one with similar issues :)

Megan said...

We love those hairbrushes!! They seem to disappear around our house, too :)

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

It's funny how sometimes the daily frustrations have the simplest fix. :) Love Amazon. They solve some of our problems, too.

Sammy said...

One of my daughters lived in the orphanage until she was almost 12 y.o. One day soon after she had learned a little English I talked to her about the 10 Commandments. I finally asked her if she had ever stole anything in the orphanage. She said yes she stole a brush, but then said she had asked the girl for it first. I said that isn't stealing then. She said, "She say no." So, brushes can be a lot to people who can't get to one!! : - )

Wendy said...

Jean, I have to tell you about my wonderful dream. I dreamt I was asked to watch your kiddos while you and hubby went away for a week. Your kiddos were so wonderful to take care of that I even added two more little boys to the mix. You came home to two little boys age 2 and age 4. Not sure what the dream meant but needed to let you know. It was a wonderful your family.