Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This and That!

Hubby has been working on his golf game this summer!
He has spent too many summers not getting a chance to do the sport he loves,
 for a variety of reasons.
So this summer he has gone golfing a few times with the big kids 
(Billy, fiancee Kelly, Johnny or cousin Jimmy) on Saturday mornings!

Sarah comes along and drives the golf cart!
Baby steps towards someday getting her drivers license!)

What a wonderful view out my kitchen window!

I love when the children play games together!
I read a great article on "protecting our children"
I like this quote for the article-
The reality, however, is that sin is not primarily something we need to be sheltered from, but delivered from.
We communicate to our kids that it’s ”us” (good) versus “them” (bad) rather than helping them see our family’s role as one of service (“us” for “them”).

Ben and Sam took golf lessons!
I think we will have more kids give it a try next summer!
Maybe Hubby will get to golf even more in the future, with so many potential golfers!

The boys also did a lego/ engineering camp that they loved!
Now the girls want to do that, too! We will put it on the list for next summer!

She has grown sooo much in the last couple years!
Anna was so tiny until it was discovered she was low on her natural growth hormone.
She was growing at the rate of one inch per year. 
Now she is growing 3 inches per year!

Hubby and I have been trying to go on a few dates this summer!
And this time we even met grown up friends at a restaurant!
That was fun!

Our Abby is starting round 1 of her braces!
In 6 months we add the bottom and then
in another 6 months they all come off...
only to be put on again at a later date!

Abby has huge teeth!
In fact, she had some grown up teeth we didn't even know about!
They were well hidden behind her baby teeth!

When the rain came we quickly cancelled the window cleaners. Then they said they would guarantee the window cleaning even with the rain, so we went ahead!
They turned out great and the rain wasn't a problem!
They are still clean!

No more neighbor issues!
Such a blessing!

Our kitties and doggies love being together!

Feeling very thankful to GOD for so many blessings and for his love throughout the challenges!

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kate said...

I am not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I enjoy reading it. I am a single mom to a blessing of a daughter adopted from Russia. I would love to adopt again, but..you know the financial challenges that entails.

Right now I am teaching English online to students in CHINA so that I can homeschool my daughter. I think of your family often!

I wonder if God is preparing me for a daughter from China… :) Someday, if He is willing!