Friday, September 11, 2015

And Now, We Have Five 9 year Olds!

Melissa, Ben, Sam, Anna and Abby are all 9 yrs old!
Truly, they are growing up way too fast!
It is so much fun having a bundle of kiddos around the same age!

With our birth kiddos we noticed that 
"every other one" got along great. 
The issue would always be with the sib 
just older or younger than them.

We do not see that with this crew.
They are very encouraging to each other 
and love to play together!
The squabbles have all been very minor.

Our Sam has just turned 9 years old, so we all celebrated!

Sam chose to go to 
Chuck E. Cheese
for his birthday!

We have been coming here since our oldest was 3 yrs old...
That's 28.5 years...
(it's not our favorite place)
If that doesn't get us into heaven,
I don't know what will!

The children all seemed to love it!

So we(the Mom and Dad) just "buck up" 
and enjoy our time here with the kids!

 Little Joey makes another basket!

Sarah and Dad rack up the points!

No more tokens at this place, now they have cards(like credit cards) with points on them.
I'm sure you really wanted to know this!

Very thankful that our boys enjoy each other's company!

In the evening we had his family birthday party!

It makes it even more of a party when 
some of the big boys show up!
So thankful Mark is home now!!!

We love this birthday boy!
He is such a positive leader with the younger boys!

Johnny arrived right after family picture time!
(He probably planned it that way!)

This smile never left his face!

This year it was nerf guns, spy stuff and legos!

we did get him a whoopi cushion!
Which was a huge hit with the big brothers!
It brought lots of laughter with the littles and the big together!

Sometimes, our older kids feel a need to 
properly socialize the children.
Thanks Guys!

Sam is starting horse back riding this fall! 
He is so excited!

We are blessed to have this amazing boy home!
So, so thankful that we did not let his special need scare us (Imperforate Anus).
He has been through the repair process and 
is just like the rest of us now!
Even if he wasn't, 
it wouldn't matter-
 he was meant to be our son!

We have an on going battle of
"who is taller"!

Darling Johnny knows it's not him
he just went and got stronger than the rest of the big bros!

For making me a Momma
many times!

I know I don't need to post so many pics 
but I love the sequence they show!
There is just 
a lot
of joy in these amazing children!

Sam says, "Back away everyone!
I'm licking the chocolate frosting off of these candles!"

Happy Birthday Samuel!


Emily said...

I share your loathing for Chuck E Cheese's. Yuck!!! What a rip-off. And yet my children love the place. I recall loving it, too, when I was a kid. Not sure why. LOL! I am curious, do your children handle the tickets and prizes thing? My kids don't do so well with that. They feel that the prizes are pretty pathetic for the amount of tickets. Ugh.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!! He is such a darling little boy and such a beautiful smile. Does he every not smile? He seems to just enjoy life so much.

Elena LessIsHealthy said...

Happy Birthday!! Such a loving big family! Great photos!