Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Does This Ever Happen To You?

Or are we the only ones?

Isn't this just an awesome family picture!
We were so happy to have so many of us together and be able to take this pic!
I had our photographer (my sis) take lots of pics 
and the crowd was beginning to groan...

And then,
just as we finished
we heard...
two little girls giggling...
from upstairs...

and the crowd began to laugh
and say
who is that...

It was Melissa and Anna joyfully playing.
They had no idea they were missing the family pic!
neither did we...

Back to your places people!
Line up for round two of "the family pic"!

Ahhhh, much better!

So are we the only family that takes family pics and 
doesn't even know we are missing...
a couple kids!

(Our Joey is not too happy because he did not get a toy that he wanted.) 
We are missing biggest brother Matt, wife Caitlin, fiance Kelly (Billy) and little brother Johnny!
20 out of 24 is pretty good!
On Thanksgiving we are going for 24 of 24!
(And then by January we will be missing someone...
 Baby Girl Burgess #2)

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hsb7x said...

It happened to us. I only have 6 kids. My sister has 4- so we have 10 kids between us. We had all loaded up to go to a restaurant one night- and found that we had left my niece in the bathroom at home. She was really upset- kids are so kooky- and half the time their heads are in the clouds. I am constantly counting people when we are in stores. It is always my greatest fear ...leaving a kid in a store.