Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Reveal Party!

I love the reveal parties that they have
It is a wonderful way of sharing the joy of a new baby 
and celebrating what's to come!

A couple days before heading to MPLS,
 Katie and Andrew found out "what" they were having through an ultrasound!

 The night that Katie arrived she picked up white cupcakes 
with a colored frosting inside-
blue or pink!
We needed and wanted to find out ahead of time so we could plan the party with her!

We were so happy to find out our little grandchild was a ...!

We invited family and friends over on Friday night!

The cousins first met when they were 2 months old and now they meet again at 16 months old!
They are 3 weeks apart!

Willa has a big brother West, who is 3 yrs old and their Momma- 
(my niece Meghan) is having #3 just 3 weeks before our next grandbaby!

Love these two!

Katie's BFF Cori just had a baby girl 2 months ago!
Katie and Cori have been friends since Cori was born and Katie was 9 months old!
We were next door neighbors!

It was so wonderful having them here!
It's not easy having a grand baby so far away...

It was so hard keeping the secret from the littles all week long...
I am surprised they did not find out!
They can be quite resourceful when they want to be!
I was sure somehow we would "let the cat out of the bag" 
they would see "something" that would give it away!

We had fun with the whole event!
Sarah was sure it was a boy and 
only slipped her name on the girl section
everyone knew!

It was so wonderful having so many wonderful friends and family to our home!

The children LOVE IT when we have a party!

Hubby is our #1 cook!
He does such a great job managing the timing of the food and the quantities!
Thank you Honey!

And then it was time for the FUN!
The stork pinata was hung and everyone went outside to see 
what color candies and goodies were inside of it! 

We were afraid it would break tooo soon 
but that wasn't the case!

After all of "our littles" and cousin West gave it a try, 
we moved on to the "bigs"!

Everyone tried their hardest to break it open!

The "bigs" hit it as hard as they could!

We broke a plastic bat and had to move on to the a metal one!

It took over 25 people to break it open!

And then out spilled pink candy and toys!

baby girl #2 is on her way!

Auntie Barbie and Grandma Tracy with her little grand baby, Willa!

We don't get to see them very often so I wanted to take a pic but my camera overexposed the pic...

So I asked if I could take one more!
Willa said NO!
I did it anyways!

One month from the party day will be Katie's 30th Birthday!

Since we were almost all together we wanted to celebrate!

It's not often I get the gift of having so many at home, 
at the same time!

God is good!
No, God is great!

Happy Birthday to my first baby girl!
She always wanted to have a sister!
Now she has 9!
And soon two baby girls!

The guest have left and the littles are in bed!
The guys are "sympathizing" with Katie!
It's been a long and fun day!

Very, very thankful!

All praise and glory to you
Lord Jesus!


K said...

I've never heard of a "reveal" party. What a great idea and it looks like it was super fun! Congratulations on another precious girl on the way.

Laurel said...

My married "girls" always have fun reveal parties. It's fun to see their creativity.

My oldest daughter turned 30 on the 10th . . . and gave birth to her 3rd boy under 3 years old, on the 14th (yesterday).

Little Curtis makes our 5th grandson in 10 months . . . and 9th grandson under 4 years old. We have not yet seen PINK at one of our reveal parties. Maybe next time . . .

Blessings to you and the family!


Jo's Corner said...

I saw the Reveal on Katie's blog last week. That was precious, too. I just love you and your family, Jean. I always feel so happy when I read your words. And, I find myself looking at each child, seeing how they are changing. All of them appear to be thriving in the love of their family.
Hugs to All! And, Congratulations on Granddaughter 2!
P.S. I have something I'd like to talk to you about. I'll PM you on FB!