Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Baby Girl Time and a Visit to DC!

Hubby and I can't be away from this sweet girl for very long...

So we took a short weekend excursion to see her!
(Oh ya, and her parents, too!)

She recognized us right away!
But of course, I do not take pics at the right time...
so I didn't capture the smile and joy on her face
 when she saw her Nana and her Papa!

Nana and Papa... please free me!

We got a semi official tour of the United States Capitol, from our son in love!

It was pretty cool!

Here is where the US supreme court met in the 1800's!

The tables are over a sword length apart...
just in case you angered the person behind you!
Good idea!

I couldn't help but focus on the chandeliers, 

the ornate tile

and the intricate detailing throughout!

It was magnificent!
Obviously, I was not a history major!

BUT the  history side was pretty awesome too!

This is the center of Washington DC and where they wanted to bury
George Washington (so to speak).
BUT Martha had the sense to say
I want him with me!"
Smart lady!
Way to speak up!
So now, he is buried in Arlington Cemetery.

There was a lot of renovation going on-
 inside and out.

This is already outdated but still pretty cool!

This where Congress met in the 1800's!

John Quincy Adams sat here. 
They thought he was lazy and slept through the sessions.
BUT actually he was quite so he could hear the other side talking.
With the rounded ceiling the acoustics were such
where he could actually hear what others were saying on the other side of the room!
Smart man!

Emily had fun, too!
Especially when her Daddy took her on a wild
stroller ride!

Love her sweet look of surprise!
Whoa, another leaf!

The ladies got to rest on the lawn of the capitol while the men got the car!

And Emily was able to expend some of her extra energy!

I love how children enjoy the simple pleasures in life!

She is so amazed by what we sometimes don't even notice!

A child... simple perfection!

There were many tourist groups at the capitol.
We noticed quite a few from China!
And of course they had to take a pic of the cute blonde baby playing on the Capitol lawn!
If you have ever been to China-
you get it!
A fair haired person is always photographed by the locals, when in China!

It was such a blessing having this time together!

Even if my precious grand daughter is trying to free herself from my grasp!

Oh, much better now that I am in Momma's arms!

Can't wait for baby girl #2 to join us!

As we traveled back to their home the sirens began to blare and the police made everyone move over.
It looks like the President needed to get through the late afternoon traffic!
Five sprinter vans quickly moved through the streets.
I'm guessing he doesn't have seating for 15 in his van!

The next day we went to a fall party with their neighbors!

Emily loves activities!
Here is the yellow paint, honey!

And the green...

and the red!

All I can say, is that they are much braver parents than I was...
I don't think the first crew of 5 kiddos knew what paint was until they hit elementary school!
(just saving my sanity)

Next was Georgetown!

And of course if you go to Georgetown you 

I don't know?
You just do!
everyone else is thinking the same thing!

Gotta tell you, the pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin spice and the chocolate lava
were worth the wait!

Of course, we got more than that-
 those were just our top pics!

Such a cute town!

That evening Papa and I got to babysit our sweet grand baby!

It was so much fun to have time with just her!

She's chillin!
Our time was short but fun!

And then she crawled up into her Nana's lap and cuddled!
My life is complete!

On our last day we went to church and then brunch.

Emily loved feeding the pigeons!

Until they got spooked and flew away!

But her Daddy came in and saved the day!

So blessed to have this young man as our son in love!

Momma and baby... kinda!

Thank you for a wonderful weekend!


Judy Abbott Getz Buzzell said...

That kind of special time is so special! I'm so glad you had a great visit. There is nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a grandchild. It makes us children again. Wonderful!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

What a fantastic visit! So happy you get to visit with her often!

Jboo said...

Wow -- what a wonderful visit! Your daughter is so pretty and looks just like you! DC Cupcakes -- that's on my girl's list of places to visit! :) Hope you are safely back home again. I'm sure the home troops missed you!