Friday, November 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Madeline!

Oh my goodness, how we love this sweet girl!

She is our youngest daughter and we can't believe she has turned 9 yrs old!
Where has the time gone...

She came home when she was 6yrs old.
And now, three years have passed in the blink of an eye.

Madeline is such a sweet little girl.
She is easy going and goes with the flow.

What did she want for her birthday?
What ever the big girls get,
Madeline wants!

Where did she want to go for dinner?
The usual place!
You may recognize some of the pics!
The only thing that changed is the birthday girl!

Sharing is something we do well!

This worked out perfectly because we had birthday cake waiting for us at home!

It is always such a blessing to have the big boys join us!
Thank you Billy, Mark and Johnny!

And once again we were asked-
"So, what kind of group is this?"

Ahhhh, that would be a family...
kinda group...
As in, just one family!
(Yes, it was raining)

And our baby girl picked a 
Ben and Jerry's
ice cream cake (too)!

The day we met this sweet girl she walked straight into our arms 
and she never looked back!

So thankful she is home!
One thing you may not know is,
 that another amazingly wonderful family had PA(pre approval from China to adopt)
for our Madeline.
They were also in process for a sibling group in another country 
and much to their surprise that started moving along.
They needed to move forward with that process and
subsequently were not able to continue with Madeline's adoption.
Our two families were keeping in touch because we hoped to travel together.
Our agency then allowed us to submit PA for Madeline because she shared the same special need as the other daughter that we were bringing home!
The other family was so kind and so happy for us and for this sweet girl!

We still keep in touch and have a special relationship!
God has amazing plans.
He is in control and we are so thankful for that!

The puppies are playing!
The children love crawling all over the bigs and the bigs love their little sibs!

Happy Birthday Dear Madeline!
You are a blessing to us!


Kimster said...

Happy Birthday to Madeline! She is growing so fast! Really crazy!

Alyse Means said...

So cute God bless you and your family

Wendy said...

Your little ones are so adorable. Little Madeline looks so happy. Blessings!