Thursday, November 26, 2015

So Thankful!

So thankful for this family!
For these children-
big and small
and for that handsome hubby of mine!

So thankful for our oldest daughter Katie-
 She took a few professional photos of us!

We were instructed to wear neutral colors...
we don't listen well...
and we tend to be a bit unruly!

I am having a bit of trouble with
blogspot and facebook.
They are compressing my pics 
we are looking quite blurry lately...

And here is my point and shoot photos
in front of the fireplace...
as usual!

Matt and Caitlin had hoped to join us for Thanksgiving
but were unable to-
we miss them but we understand.

Goofy works for us!

And now,
it's the Momma and Daddy's turn with the treasures!

Taking pics with this crew...
can be exhausting...

says it all!

Our cook!
We made a 22 lbs turkey!
We wanted a bigger one but this was the largest they had...

The girls love setting the table with me!
The adults sat in the dinning room.

All the younger girls sat at this table
and the
 little boys were right next to them on another table!
The empty seat is for Emily's high chair.

My little girls are getting big.
They are all such a joy!

Our big girls are wonderful
and so helpful!
Holidays are a little hard for Mia
but she rallied today.

And these four
are just plain FUN
and a little bit of trouble!

Before the Uncles arrived Emily played outside!

She loved the snow but she didn't want to keep her mittens on...
silly girl!

First time sledding!

Some of our kiddos were outside too
their Momma was getting ready for Thanksgiving
and couldn't be outside to take pics.

We live in Minnesnowta-
I am guessing I will have PLENTY
of opportunities to take winter pics...

Emily's Aunties are so helpful!
Thank you Melissa!

Sarah and Mia made the appetizer!

We played lots of card games!
Katie and Sarah each won a game!

These two just happen to be wearing the same Matilda Jane dress!

The kids were doing a bit of bargaining!
Back rubs for money!
Abby just found out she wasn't getting paid-
hence the lack of a smile.

So thankful they could come for Thanksgiving!
Katie can't travel as of Tuesday, December 1st!

Sam was doing such a good job that Billy was falling asleep!
I think my flash woke him up!

Madeline is giving Johnny a post Thanksgiving meal massage!

Anna and Ben played the latest version of monopoly!

Ava got a dollar from Mark but Johnny was just paying 50 cents...

Not sure who earned the most but it Madeline was a hard worker!

Sarah like sitting and chatting with the grown ups now!

The evening ended with the big boys going to a movie.
Katie, Andrew and Emily are already preparing for Christmas!


K said...

Great pictures! I can easily imagine the mayhem involved, yet you always get everyone smiling! Happy Thanksgiving. I love the clothes you choose for your daughters.

Thandi said...


Laurel said...

Love the Family Pics!

Love the "neutral" clothes that you all wear.
(we are so not a neutral family, either)

Karen Twombly said...

I so love your family picture!! It reminds me of John 10:10, "I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly." The life God chooses for us is not an easy one but it IS abundant! You are leaving quite a legacy!!!