Monday, November 23, 2015

Sweet Melissa is 10 yrs old!

She came home when she turned 7 yrs old and now she is 10...
This is all going much too fast for me!

Melissa is just beginning to not wear her glasses all the time. She has the green light to only wear them for school, reading, and arts and crafts.

This girl is amazing!
She is smart, sweet, funny, quiet and oh so lovable!
Our family has been so blessed to have her!

And what did she want for her birthday?
Pretty much what the other girlies wanted!
A Beanie Boo, pierced ears, boogie board(electronic writing pad) and clothes!
And that's what she got!

As you can see... we went out to eat!
It's as much a treat for the birthday girl and kids as it is the parents!
Big bro Johnny met us there and we had two extra large booths right next to each other!

Her Birthday dessert!

And then we all hoped into Sylvia to head home...
Sylvia was having issues...
We made it 6 blocks down the road to a gas station...
before she died...
So there we were 9:30 at night...
13 children and 2 adults stuck 25 miles from home...
Thank goodness a shuttle service and taxi could come to get us and bring us home!
Where ever we go...
there's an adventure!

It turns out it was the battery...
Sylvia was towed and has a temporary battery until her new one arrives!
Thank goodness we were only with out her for 24 hours!
Especially because we had tickets to
The Wizard of Oz
at the children's theatre !

This was Melissa's actual birthday but we often celebrate a day or two ahead on the weekend!

Happy 10th Birthday

Daddy's making a joke and Melissa doesn't think he is as funny as he thinks he is!

And this time Mark joined us!
Love that 3 of our bigs live here!

Mark is singing to his little sister!

Genetically speaking...
the bigs did not come out well
when it comes to singing voices...

Ava would like to help... blow out the candles!
I wonder if she did???

Love you Melissa!


kimjax said...

Just precious! And you're right - it DOES go too fast! :)

Patty said...

Your beautiful family always makes me smile...beautiful children, wonderful parents!

Kimster said...

Happy birthday to Melissa! She is really so cute! And funny how they all want the same for their birthdays! :)