Tuesday, January 19, 2016

34 Years Together!

I know I have already posted this on FB
I gotta put it on the blog, too!

I am a very blessed woman-
to be married to the man of my dreams for 34 years!

We were engaged in August and then married in January!
We choose January because... well...
hubby was in school and we needed to plan a time that worked for him!
There aren't many January weddings!
I thought if we waited for the perfect June day... it would be sure to rain.
And July would be too hot and the following August was toooo far away!

Hubby and I look back at our wedding day and laugh!

It was a clear crisp January day!
The sky was the most beautiful blue and the sun shown brightly!

Thank goodness because it was 20 degrees BELOW ZERO!

That's not counting the wind chill!
With the wind chill, I think it was -30!
Yes, records were set that day!
My Dad had a truck in the parking lot to start the cars that wouldn't start (because of the cold)
and a tow truck was ready and waiting to help as needed!
We were missing quite a few guests because of the frigid temps 
but were very thankful for the hardy friends and family that were able to join us!

Over the last 34 years we have had our fair share of challenges
God has been so good and has seen us through the tough times.
It has helped us to grow in our relationship and in our faith.

My hubby is a "glass half full" kinda guy!
He's smart, handsome and has a great sense of humor!

He is a positive thinker and nicest man I know!

I dated a lot of frogs before this guy!
And learned what I didn't want in a relationship.

I tell our daughters to marry someone like Daddy
and our son's to be like Dad!

19 children later...
I am still so much in love with him!
My best friend and my partner for life!

The good news is he feels the same way about me! :-)
(but he doesn't have a blog to declare his love for me ;-)

I remember way back when I was in college, I prayed about
the man that God had planned for my life...
I told God that I trusted HIM and knew HE had a good plan...
(I may have asked God to hurry, too... but I'm not admitting that to anyone!)

And then I met this guy!

Thank you God for answered prayer!

Now that our van is so full with blessings we needed to get
a trailer for our luggage, etc!
Can anyone say

Only large families would be excited about 
getting this bad boy
for their anniversary!
(ours is a single axel)


Megan said...

Happy anniversary, and happy travels to this year's warm weather destination!!! 💕

Dara said...

Happy anniversary and I love the trailer :) we drive a sprinter that looks just like your Sylvia :) what an awesome gift!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Happy anniversary! We just celebrated 30 years (but I waited till I was past 30 to find the right guy.) Like I tell the kids I know who are getting married, remember you're not just 1 anymore, you're 2. Never go to bed angry.
Love the trailer.

curtis03 Lewis said...

Hey, it is just great to know about 34th wedding anniversary. It is truly a huge milestone. Many congratulations to the couple. My parent’s 25th wedding anniversary is about to come and I am planning to throw a surprise party for them at their wedding event space nyc where they tied the knot 25 years ago.

Sarah said...

You are bold. We have yet to take a long rode trip with Madame Blueberry and clan. Our husbands sound pretty similar...glass half full and sense of humor;) Thank you for the testament your marriage is to so many of your peers and generations to come of the Lord's faithfulness.

Tina Michelle said...

Such a sweet love story. You two look so cute together as well.

Sharon said...

Wishing you and your husband many, many more BLESSED years! I love reading the stories you share.

Diane said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! You two are certainly an inspiration to so many!!!

Sally R said...

Love you guys!!! Happy Anniversary, my only question is why didn't we celebrate it together in Sonoma!!?

Laurel said...

Happy Anniversary!

This year will be our 34th, as well. We got engaged in January, and married in August (on a 100+ degree day). :)

Blessings to you both!

Oh . . . we will be in your neck of the woods in June. Our daughter is getting married in Minneapolis. How's the weather for a June 25th wedding? Road trip time! (Love your new trailer!)