Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Abby!

Our sweet girl turned 10...
I wish I could stop time!
She and the others are growing up so fast... too fast!

We went ice skating again!
I am so happy with how well they are doing in the ice!

We do have a few that say, "Are we done yet?"
We just positively encourage them to keep going
and enjoy the fun outing ;-)
It's all about having a thankful heart and
enjoying the blessings
God has given you!
most of the children are loving it and want to keep going!

This time Emma wanted to give it a try!
She did a great job!

Hubby wanted to get a pic of me out there on the ice!

It has been many years since I skated
and my goal is to
I don't care what I look like when I skate, I just don't want to fall!
It hurt many years ago and I know at my age,
 it will hurt
I told the kids, once I fall... I quit!

Hubby stays back with Ben but I am guessing next year they will both be out on the ice!
We have the information for special skates for Ben!
Thank you anyabar1987! I looked up and found this place that has adaptive skates and this particular one says it was designed for kids and people with Spina Bifida among other development disorders. you can also usually check with an adaptive service provider.

Our front row is growing and one by one they join the back row...
soon enough, they will all be back rowers!
Unless the biggest kids are home or the parents are in the pic!

Whose Birthday is it?

You got it!

She is very excited to open her gifts!

It's torture waiting...
Hang on honey...
one more pic!

This girl is pretty easy to please!
She is excited about everything!
Barbie, Barbie clothes, Barbie closet, Barbie things
were the common theme on her wish list!

The crowd controlled themselves for a short while.
They made their move quite quickly from appropriate personal space to

I think this game will be a hit at our house!
I suppose at some point I will have to play it...
to show everyone...
I actually am a FUN MOM...

And since the temps are frigid cold and nobody can play outside we went out to eat!

The kids were excited to show Joy their favorite restaurant!

Sarah played the drum as we sang
HaPpY BiRtHdAy
to Abby!

Make a wish and blow out your candle!
(I think she forgot the wish in her excitement!)

And then share your dessert
whether you want to or not!
Seriously, the other children acted like they didn't just eat a 5 course meal-
they were all over Abby's dessert
and they devoured it!

The next day was actually her b-day
so we had birthday cake!

And here,
are all
photo bombers!

Joy is taking it all in!
She's already planning for her birthday!

Many of my photos were a blur...
these children are constantly moving...

The big kids couldn't join us...
we missed you guys!
Catch ya next time!
(and you know there will be a next time ;-)
The birthday parties NEVER end at our house!

We were considered grouping them together and having
monthly parties but not sure that we can do that...
They have already missed out on so many celebrations...
and it brings them so much joy!

The whole event is just SO MUCH FUN!
So for now, we will continue to celebrate each child!
(Disclaimer - for those that have consecutive b-days, we will just keep the party going!)

Brothers are trouble!

Happy Birthday Abby!
Thankful to God for the miracles we have seen
since we have brought this girl home!
It's been nothing short of AMAZING!


Sharon said...

I think it is wonderful that you celebrate each of your children's birthday's separately. It conveys their value to you as their child. That they are unique and special to you and their Heavenly Father. You two inspire me and warm my heart!

Peggy said...

Speaking from someone who has an early December birthday that was always lumped in with Christmas, please keep celebrating their birthdays separately. I know in the coming years you'll see how much it has meant to them!

ZetteLolo said...

how lovely are your kids, what a loving family !! Love your blog, your strory and all the love you give to your kids !!! Happy birthday, little bean ! You're so cute !
Christelle, Mom of two wonderful kids from CHina