Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Day 2015

Hubby and I look like we have a plan
we really don't!
We wing it, adjust it, change it up, rearrange it

And somehow,
God orchestrates it...
And it all works out!

Christmas Day was just that way!
All the littles and Johnny were home.
Billy and Mark were coming over "soon".
So we waited...
And 15 overly excited children did just fine!

(There may have been a Starbucks run in there!
Momma needs her Latte!)

Right on time
at 9:00
the big boys arrived and
we dove in
to the present opening!

Everyone had three gifts and since they weren't the same
(this year was different from last year)
we opened them one at a time!

We practiced saying "thank you" before the gift opening.
We discussed how "we might want "what our siblings get...
but "we" still need to be happy for them and
then kindly ask them later in the day if "we" could
maybe play with their toy!
We discussed how blessed we are to be able to play with our toy and then to share it
and have others share their toys with us!
In other words..
 it's a good deal,
so go with it!

The kids did great!

We were so proud of them!
(and the Momma exhaled- whew!)

One by one,
they took turns and they said
Thank you!

No one cried!
No one whined!
No one was mad
(for whatever reason)!

Y was so excited and so happy!

He loved his toys...
and everybody else's!

The children did a great job with their Christmas lists!
They each had 4 -5 items on the lists and they knew they would only get 3 presents.
We said they could hope for one thing on their list and the rest was up to Mom and Dad.

The big boys helped with batteries and opening the packaging!

The three little boys were very happy with their star wars light sabers!
And that is Y's REAL smile!

Zoomer Kitties were a huge hit!

We may have stayed in our jammies for most of the day???

And played
and played
and played!

 These two big boys are our budding paleontologists!
They each discovered their dinosaurs!

The game Simon
was a hit with all of the children!
But not with the adults-
 whose memory may be lacking!
Mia was our winner and reached 15 consecutive steps!
(I refused to play the game in order to keep my self esteem
at an honorable level!)

Sarah got a curling iron and hairspray!
By the end of the day
all the girls had curls!

Ava did not get a Zoomer Kitty
a little sister shared and she was able to play with them!

We skyped with this sweet family!
Our precious baby girl #2 that has not been born yet
was attempting to make an early entrance!
Katie was on bedrest over the holidays
but is now good to go at 38 plus weeks!

Now's the time baby girl #2!
We are ready and waiting!

We talked with Matt and Caitlin (and Caitlin's parents) in Colorado!
We miss them but they are doing well!

And of course
who's name may be just an initial right now (such as x, Y or z)...
may have played with the Christmas tree lights
and may have caused half the tree to go dark...

Good news is -he fessed up!
Bad news is - we couldn't find the light that needed replacing.
So, we improvised
and used an extension cord half way up the tree!

This was definitely


Thank you Jesus!


Lynda Kroeger said...

I love how with all your kids you still enjoy the craziness of the holiday. I have two boys and I could learn a lot from you. God bless you and your family.

terre said...

i really marvel at how you both handle such a big family. it is impressive that everyone looks happy, healthy and like they get along so well. i have much to learn from you and yours! God bless you all.

Kate said...

Maybe next year you can also celebrate Three Kings Days. It falls on January 6th and is when the Three Wise Men brought gifts to the baby Jesus. Help to divide up the gifts and have a King's cake. Also, maybe teach the children how Christmas is celebrated throughout the world. I did this in school and loved it. I love watching the Rick Steves' European Christmas episode. It's shown on my local PBS at Christmas time. Description of the episode, "From England to Wales, France, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, you'll see the bright Christmas markets, hear local choirs, share holiday traditions with families...and even play in the snow." I learned about Papa Noel and the Christmas celebrations in New Orleans. I even purchased the book The Legend of Papa Noel. I know that some families bake a cake on Christmas to celebrate Jesus' birthday. Just some ideas. Looking forward to your New Years post.

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

I'm having a real hard time. I don't know you, nor do I know Y, but I am so upset that he cannot stay with your family. Can't they see how happy and well cared for he is? What a wonderful blessing it would be for him to be there? For some families, 1 child is more than they can care for and for others 12, 13, 14,... are not too many. My grandfather was the oldest of 14 birth children, and it was not too many! God bless.