Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Welcoming 2016!

We were thinking 2016 should be an adventurous year!
A year that we would focused on trying new things!

So, we decided to end 2015
with an adventure!

Hubby and I took the children
ice skating!

They had never been ice skating before, except Ellie.
She loved it the first time she went! 
I loved it as a child!
And our local health club just happened to be having 
a New Years Eve party
that include ice skating!

So we spent part of the afternoon purchasing 
used ice skates
for this crew!
We also rented a few pairs.

(We are going to need to get special ice skates for Ben, so he can go too!
Hoping that will be able to find something! 
We need extra room for the AFO for support 
and an easy entrance boot. Does anyone know if that's an option?)

Yes, we took a few spills
that's part of the fun!

The children handled it well!
They got up and kept trying!

I honestly prayed my way through the day, hoping (and wondering) if this was a good choice...

The kids ALL rose to the occasion!
They did so great on ice skates for the first time!
We saw a friend there and she was amazed at how well they were doing!

Y was all smiles!
He was so proud of himself and had so much fun!

Emma  and Joy chose not to go ice skating
once Joy saw how fun it was she wanted to do it!

Emma wants to give it a try now, too!

 We still need to work on stopping!

So proud of this girl!
She has been wanting to go skating for quite awhile-
she was our motivation!

Her confidence grew the longer she was on the ice!

It went so well,
we plan to go as much as possible this winter!

I am partial to the indoor arena's!

After ice skating we had pizza dinner and then moved on to the gym activities!

The kids were in heaven!
They love bouncing, running, jumping, skipping, tumbling, twirling and more...

They played a little basketball!

After the gym time it was off to swimming!

Our time in the pool was short as the evening was almost over...
Next year we will do a better job at planning our activities and leave more time for the pool!

We finished our celebration at home
with noise makers, blowers and party hats!

And catawba juice!

Yes, even the parents had catawba juice!

Y had a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration, as did all of the children!

Happy New Year to you!

AND Yes, we did go outside and

And take a few pictures!

And make some more noise!

Joey's got the spirit!

at 11:00
it was time for bed!

Don't tell the kids!

(Hey, it was 12:00 on the east coast!)


Kate said...

What a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration! I had my own ice skates as a child and even own my own pair as an adult. Great idea with having the kids wear helmets when skating. The health club looks so much fun. Great way for the kiddos to burn off that energy. Maybe ice skating and swimming can be a new weekly activity. Looks like the kids had a blast.

Jboo said...

Wow -- what a great family celebration!! Happy New Year to the M family!

Marina said...

I actually had to look up what catawba juice was as I'd never heard of it before, lol! What a wonderful time! So much fun!

terre said...

wow- it sounds like ya'll had an awesome new years eve!!! i am constantly amazed at how much energy you have to keep up with so many beautiful littles. i truly don't know how you do it. happiest of new years to you.

anyabar1987 said...

http://www.glidingstars.org/orthotic-ice-skates/ I looked up and found this place that has adaptive skates and this particular one says it was designed for kids and people with Spina Bifida among other development disorders. you can also usually check with an adaptive service provider.

likeschocolate said...

Happy New Year! Congratulations on your new grandbaby! She is lovely!

MayLynne said...

Are those bare feet in the snow on your front steps? ;) WOW those kids are tough! We live in Canada and I'm not sure that I could convince my kids to stand on a snowy step in bare feet!

Regine Karpel said...

Happy New Year

Sally R said...

Wow that looks like a great New Years Celebration!!!

K said...

Some ice skates are quite stiff and give a lot of ankle support, if that's why your son uses AFOs. I found some for my daughter at a local sporting good store.