Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Valentines Day 2016!

On Valentines Day last year, we started a new tradition.

The children wrote kind Christian messages on Valentines Day cards 
and we handed them out at the Valentine party at the park.

They loved doing this last year and really looked forward to doing it again!

It was a bit of a challenge finding the cards last minute
but Walmart had a few left over boxes for us!

It's amazing how much difference one year makes.
This year they were all so independent writing their own messages on the cards.

Emma is so sweet. 
She was so proud to hand her cards 
to the young people as well as the older people!

It was a day brightener for everyone!

We ate lunch at the picnic first and a few people asked 
if we would be passing out Valentine cards, again!
They were happy to see the children and to know that we had our
Valentines cards and were ready to go!

The children also handed out chocolate kisses to whoever wanted them!

This was a first for Joy!
She loved doing it and she loved eating the left over chocolate kisses!

Mia has a shy side and a bold side.
It took courage for her to be able to walk up to someone 
and wish them a Happy Valentines Day 
and then hand them her card.

We got so many kind and nice comments!

It was encouraging the those that received the cards
and to those that gave them (our children)!

Ellie and Emma were in school last year so they were unable to hand out the Valentines with us.
This year they are homeschooled and they are so happy to take part in our Valentine's Day fun!

I love how God works,
quietly, gracefully and behind the scenes
touching hearts and brightening days!

Caught you!
Are you sneaking a chocolate kiss before your are done?
Thought so!

It has been such a joy to see these two grow closer and closer together!

I guess sitting next to each other for 27 hours van ride to Florida will do that!
First we had them in the third row and they were so loud and giggly
so we moved them to the 5th row.
They have fun no matter what row they are in!

Ava can strike up a conversation
anywhere and anytime!

Our first daughter home and our last daughter home!
Feeling blessed!

I wasn't able to get pics of everyone handing out Valentines.
Right after lunch they grabbed their bags and off they went.

I scrambled to get my camera and find where everyone was
but I missed a few of the kiddos.

I did it Mom!

I'm done!

Even Hubby and I got a few cards!

Perfection was not our goal
but kind messages were!

It was a joyful thing to do
and we were all blessed
by doing it!


Wendy said...

What a wonderful act of kindness. Following in Jesus' footsteps, spreading the word of love. You are awesome and your kiddos are truly amazing.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

So wonderful! Happy Valentines Day to you and your family!

Jo's Corner said...

Beautiful memories! Who is Jenny? ; )
<3 Jo

Zanmei said...

I love reading about your family. You have super-wonderful children and are really blessed!
I've also been trying to figure out"Jenny"...

Zanmei said...
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AlbinoPrincess said...

I love this tradition! I'll have to keep this in mind to do with my nephew and niece. <3

I see I'm not the only one trying to figure out which child is Jenny. Maybe Joy is now Jenny?

kate said...

What a great tradition!

I would love to adopt a little girl, age 6-9, from China but was told by a large, Chinese adoption agency that I was too old. :( (I'm 46.) What is the age cut-off in China?

kate said...

I'll stop asking questions.

Wishing you well.