Saturday, February 13, 2016

On The Road Again!

We finally got Sylvia hooked up with a trailer and...
she immediately got stuck in our driveway!
She is a keeper
but she is not the best in the snow... 
no matter how much or how little it is.
And the corner was too sharp for the two of them!

Our mini snowstorm through her for a loop!
Thankfully our driveway guys made a special trip to our house to help us out!

The snow was beautiful and there was plenty of it!

But we were not wanting snow, sledding or ice skating...
Because it's time for this family to head south!

And when this family heads south...
it is no small task...

Because somebody(I won't mention any names) has to do ALL OF THE PACKING... 
for 15... hubby does his own in about an hour!
It takes me weeks...

It just so happens that

Last spring I handed down all of the shoes
so now we needed to get a bundle of new tennis shoes...
Plus go through all of the hand me down sandals...
(Love the hand me downs!)
It's like shopping without leaving your home!

My head was spinning throughout the packing process...
Ava is size 10 bottoms and size 12 tops...
Joy is size 10 bottoms and size 10 tops...
Melissa and Anna are size 8 bottoms and size 10 tops...
Abby and Madeline are size 7 bottoms and size 8 tops...
You will be tested on this at the end of the post-
no cheating!

 But of course different brands can run differently,
 so what is a 10 at one store is an 8 at another...
And then take into consideration that hand me downs have been 
washed and dried 
to death...
and are uniquely
their own size...

 If you think I am looking for some sympathy here...
your right!

We went through 

And we tried on everything!

And then in my true packing fashion...
we through in almost everything!

Except, not the cats!

Even though they wanted to go,
they stayed home with the big kids!
(Thank you Billy, Kelly, Mark, Johnny and Sara!)

Have I told you that I am 
And that it is one of my LEAST favorite things to do!

But in the end I am so thankful that we can take this adventure together!
Cozy blankets, favorite stuffed animals, movies and plenty of snacks!

One hour into our journey and guess who asks...
"Are we almost there?"

We are learning our states and capitols!
Watching the weather change as we head south!
And having some great family bonding time!

The kids love getting a candy bar once a day!
NO, we did not buy these for them!
BUT, we couldn't resist the photo op!

We were blessed to meet up with a family from our first adoption trip for Anna!
Lee Lee and Anna were from the same orphanage, lived with their foster families only a couple doors away from each other, had the surgeries together in a hospital in China, recovered in the same room in the hospital, and were adopted on the same day!
Each family had 5 older bio kids, too!

Truly, only God could have orchestrated all of this!

It was so wonderful to visit and catch up with their family!

All our boys had so much fun with their big brother, Anders!

Same with the big girls and Louisa!

We were blessed to have this opportunity to get together!
It was as much fun for hubby and I, as it was for the children!

This is a treasured friendship!

Our boys, Ben and Joey were adopted at the same time as their daughter Bella! Jim and big brother, Mark traveled for this adoption while I held down the fort at home!

We all met for a reason... their are no coincidences...
So thankful!

After our late lunch with our friends, we drove a few more hours and then
settled in to watch the super bowl!

We had a pizza party! 
Our family was divided and we each cheered on our favorite team!
It was a great game!
Go Broncos!

The next day we were back on the road again!

 After a few long days of travel and some much needed breaks,
we finally arrived at our destination!

To Be Continued!

Thankful for the sunshine and warmth!


Vicky said...

I've been thinking that it was about time for your trip south! What a nice time to get away from all that snow!

You have my sympathy with all that packing! I loved your photos!

kimjax said...

I wish we could join you!! It's even cold in this part of the South!! I'm with you on the hand me downs - so much better than shopping. It's an event when we try them all on. Love all the cute colors - can't wait to hear about your annual R&R!

kate said...

What a blessing! I try not be be jealous of your wonderful family. I would love to be able to adopt again and again.

I think taking it all and then sorting it out there is a perfectly acceptable packing method. ;>

We had hoped to adopt from China, but the agency told me I am too old (46) to adopt a little girl, age 6-9 years. :( So, instead, we're hosting this summer from another nearby country. I've set up a hosting blog on fb if you or any readers are interested.

Jboo said...

Have a wonderful time in the sun!! Warmer temps sound fabulous! You deserve a super bowl ring for all that sorting and packing! Have fuN!

Kathy said...

Have a great time down South. Did all of the kids go for the whole time this year? Can't wait to see some beach pictures, of water, surf and sand. Great job packing mom.

Jennie said...

Jean, Reading about the packing made me tired :-) You are incredible~

Also, a lovely surprise to read that you met up with Lee-Lee's family. Great to see the family, including Lee-Lee, Bella and Lucy.

Looking forward to your post from Florida so we can vicariously feel the sunshine. (Arctic vortex in assault here in the Carolinas as in other places on the East Coast).

Zanmei said...

I'm curious about the seating arrangement in Sylvia now that you have an extra child. I noticed Emma sitting in a space in the back that wasn't previously used for seating. I also noticed there would be room in the back for one more child... ;-)

The Heald Family said...

Thanks for stopping to see us. I love how the Lord took us both to China to meet:)

Jennifer F. said...

How fun to see the H. family here. We were in GZ adopting our son, Lu, at the same time as the H. family was adopting Bella. Both families were using BAAS. I had the bird flu, though, so GZ was a bit of a blur!