Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our Favorite Room in The House!

We love our porch!
It's our favorite room in the whole house!
In the evening Hubby and I sit down to visit. 
We update each other on our day, make future plans (for the next day, the next week, etc) 
and share our thoughts. 

One by one the children come in and join us!
It is so much fun talking to them and hearing their thoughts!
We always end up laughing!

Last night we were downloading music onto Mia and Sarah's ipod 
that they got for Christmas.
I am not good with computer things but we managed to figure it out.

The girls picked out some of their favorite Christian Music and
the rest of the sisters sang along and helped them out!
There was a lot of excitement and we stayed up later than usual!
Our boys had already gone upstairs to bed- they were tired.
Hubby may have taken a short snooze while we were working on 
downloading the music.
He decided to pop up for the pic!

Hubby and I also have correcting parties in the evening.
Oh my, we have a lot of school work to correct!
We do our best to get it done... in a timely fashion.
We have a new respect for teachers with 30 students.

Our kitties often join us in the porch. They love their cat tree!
During the day they like to look out the window and 
watch the bird, the squirrels and anything that moves.

When Hubby has to work late the kids and I have a movie night!
We love our movie nights!
Sometimes I get a shoulder rub!
Thank you Ellie, Anna and Melissa!

We got a sleep comfort bed and we LOVE it!
No more morning aches, pains or stiffness!
We really didn't think we would love it as much as we do!

We often see eagles soaring in the sky!
The kids run in the house to let me know!
They are such a majestic bird!
This guy decided to land in one of our trees!

We love seeing Eagles and have been blessed to see many of them this winter!

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EHedden said...

I want to hear more about your sleep comfort bed. Who did you buy it from and what model did you select. Love your blog too!