Saturday, February 20, 2016


We love our activities and all the things we do each week when we are home...

But sometimes that leaves 

It feels like we always have to be...

It's all good stuff... really good stuff...
gymnastics, horseback riding, mandarin, speech, swimming, nature class, medical appts, etc...

We are thankful that we can do these activities and appointments.
We are thankful for the schedule and how it works...

But after awhile
the schedule OWNS US and 
we have no left over time to do other things 
and to bond as a family.
If we are always going and never listening 
we may 
miss the message.
We do not want to do that...

We lose that extra time 
to read, to play, to problem solve, to work together, to hang out.
Because we are going, going, going...
Every moment is
well planned out.

Right now
the calendar is cleared
and we are loving it!

(A few extra kiddos wanted in on the picture!)

We are exploring, spending more relaxed time on our school work, reading more, 
being outside more and problem solving together at a slower pace.

It's good!
Really, really good!
It's healthy!
The kids seem happier and we are all closer!

(All of our kiddos would LOVE that puppy!)

I know I will go back to that scheduled time at some point...
It seems to be my nature...
to plan, to fill and to schedule.

we can also see changes coming 
in the future.

In our time of peace
we can see how important this is...
for all of us.

We tend to make friends wherever we go! 
The children are dancing to the music and others join in!

So thankful to God for times of clarity!
Nothing is forever.
Things change and it is important to
give God control and enjoy the moment and the journey.

Looking forward to sharing more in the future!

I LOVE this clock!
It says it all!

So thankful Mark and Johnny could join us!
It was a great time for them to reconnect with the kids
and get away from the busyness of their classes
(Mark is working on his Masters in Business and Johnny is in his Jr/Sr year of college)!


Shay Ankerich said...

So good!!!! Yay for family time!!! And that clock is awesome!!!!!! Love! Blessings to you!!!

mewohlwend said...

So glad you're having fun!!

Jboo said...

So nice to not have a schedule and be racing the clock! Looks lovely there -- enjoy every minute!

Janet said...

I can't believe Johnny is that old!--been reading since Sarah came home. I notice Joy has something going on with her that something you feel like sharing with us? I have kids with Peter's Anomaly, microcornea, microphthalmia, PHV, and 3 lazy eye surgeries; so I'm naturally interested=) Have fun!!

Lilly said...

i am pinning that clock and that sign! so true! love your statement about free time, I need to apply that to me :) have a fantastic vacation by the sea!

Unknown said...

See the answer is right here the whole time one day well all c we can come together as one