Wednesday, February 10, 2016

With An Open Heart - Book Review

a true story
of love, loss and
unexpected blessings...

written by 
Lisa Murphy
and Marilyn Murray Willison

Oh My Goodness,
I loved this book!

I had no idea what the story was about when I was asked 
to read the book 
and write a review.

In the beginning it took me back to our adoption journeys 
and brought back many, many fond memories.
 I could identify with everything the author was saying and I loved it!

And then...
I could see what was coming...
Oh no...
and I began to pray
as if I could actually change the past...

I did not want this to happen because
I grew quite fond of this child and this family...

The middle of the book...
was hard...

BUT the end was triumphant!
And that was my favorite part!

All glory was given to God!
And God,
in his infinite wisdom
put all of the pieces back together
so that somehow
we could make sense out of something
that doesn't make sense to us...

So much so.
that I felt answers to
our prayers and direction,
 along with encouragement
from our Heavenly Father.

Oh, dear beautiful child...
what a blessing you have been to everyone that met you
and to all that hear your story!

You have truly blessed me...
thank you!

It's a beautiful, emotional, spiritual GOD journey!
Click on the link and it will take you to Amazon!

This book is encouraging and affirming to all parents,
both birth and adoptive.
It is much more than an adoption story.
It is a journey of the Holy Spirit!

Thank you Lisa Murphy,
 for sharing your son and HIS story!

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Gemma Ricker said...

Hi Jean

This book is lovely. I also recommend it.

I'm wondering if you are going to share anything about Joy--have you modified her name? I assume she came to your family because she could no longer stay with the family she was with, since there was never a hint of a trip to China. I notice you have not added her to your side bar. Will she be staying with your family or are you in a trial period? Of course much information is private, but many of us love to hear of your adventures and are wondering about this new little face in your pictures.