Thursday, March 3, 2016

Encouraging Words!

 Encouraging words are so good to hear!
They are kind, thoughtful and empowering to the person they are said too!

While we have been in Florida we have noticed what a difference it makes
when someone says nice encouraging words to us.
It is uplifting to say the least.

When someone looks at our family and says
"you're a lucky lady"
It brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart!
I stand a little taller and feel more confident.
My patience and sense of humor instantly improve!

When the opposite happens,
I cringe and immediately looks for someone doing something wrong.
It chips away at my confidence and I question myself.

Criticism, unkind words, false assumptions can
hurt families.

 If you have an opportunity 
try to say something encouraging
to someone-

please do so!

I guarantee it will make a difference in their day!

And it will make you feel better, too!

I made them stand there and watch the sun set! 

 I feel so close to God
when I am on the beach
looking at the ocean
or watching the sunset!

It is a perfect time to pray and to be thankful for the day!

And once it's set
there is so much hope for the next day!

We are all benefitting from this time together.

This has been a very bonding for our family
and a good break from our usual schedule.

When I think of what is really important...
I realize

is #1

It doesn't get much better!

Remember to say something kind and encouraging to someone...
It will make their day!


fosterflip said...

I so enjoy your updates and love to follow your beautiful family. I am #7 of a family of 13 children. We are so close and the love for each and everyone of my siblings is Great. Your children are so blessed and I am sure you and your husband feel the same. God is Good. God Bless from a follower from Canada.

Wendy said...

Thank you for reminding me of this. I also want to add that while we have never met in person, I am so impressed with you and your love for your Lord as well as your love for your family. You are a breath of fresh air in a life that can be filled with negativity.

Jennie said...

The sunset is breathtaking~a refreshing balm before night sets in. Jean, You and your husband and biological children, inspires all the time. The acceptance and enfolding of the China treasures within the family are so, so incredibly beautiful. Only God.

ssmith said...

I always read your posts and gain so much. But, I have rarely said how much I think of you and your family. You are just amazing.
I was at a book club last week and we were discussing people that inspire us. I talked about you and your family. I think of all you have built, struggled with, loved and enjoyed and it pushes me to do the same kind of ultimate good!

Thank you for your words. Thank you for your family. What you have done is wrapped in goodness and light!!!!!

BethFlanders said...

We live near the beach and feel God in the sunsets as the day ends too, as the troubles of each child set. We start fresh each day knowing that God has good things in store for those that listen. Thank you for hearing the whispers.

Megan said...

You are blessed to be the mother of many, and your children are equally blessed to be a part of your beautiful family. We are all better people for knowing you and following along on your journey.

It's 65 today in Minneapolis and the sun is shining- hope to see you back here soon!! Until then, enjoy your time at the beach :) I love seeing all of the photos. Looks like you're having a blast!