Sunday, March 13, 2016

Siblings or Not?

I hope you didn't hold your breath since the last time I talked about this...
because it's been a full year!
We have our 23 and me test kit BUT we haven't done it yet...
don't worry... we will do it soon!

Cassie is Ben's foster sister from China.
They two kids were very close and this is the second time we have gotten together since they have been home with their families!

All our kids love Cassie!
She is pleasant, smiley and easy to get along with!

Notice anything different?
We added one for the short trip to Legoland!

I personally think these two look soooooo
much alike!

It's my guess that they are bio sibs.

They have such a deep bond...
it's different than just foster sibs...
There was an older boy in the home, too.
He was adopted when Ben joined the family.
So our Ben did not know him.

the eyebrows, the nose, the chin the cheek bones, even the teeth...

Cassie has grown up a bit since the last time we saw her-
 she is absolutely beautiful!

Sorry for so many repeat pics ;-)
Their upper lip is different but then they aren't twins...
just possible siblings!

Even though we didn't rush into DNA testing,
we are excited to find out IF they are bio sibs!
If they are sibs, we will all be sooooo happy for them!

What a blessing it would be to have each other in the USA!

Lego land was the perfect place to go for the kids!
(Although next year we may go somewhere so the adults can relax and put their feet up!)

It is mostly for 6-12 yr olds!
All the kids could enjoy the rides and everyone could go on all of them
(except the older girls couldn't go on a few rides)!

They had many roller coasters that the children loved
but they don't photograph well!
(So no pics of those!)

Cassie and Ben walked around and held hands!

They road on the rides together!

But they mixed it up a bit, too and hung out with everyone!!

It was a full day of FUN!

For everyone!

Oh my goodness...
this child (Abby) is a hoot and 
she will not be getting her license anytime soon!

They passed their drivers test!

I would have LOVED this as a child!

So thankful we are connected!
Cassie has a great family and we always enjoy our time with them!

Mia in her Daddy's sunglasses!

Cassie and her Mom needed to head home.
It was such a joy spending time with them!

The kids hugged goodbye-
 until next year!

Then we went on our last two rides before driving back to Marco Island.

This is the "island in the sky"!

Beautiful view!

We had a wonderful day!

VERY THANKFUL for these 14 amazing kiddos!


acceptance with joy said...

But I have been holding my breath... Feeling a bit dizzy here!! 😊🙃😉

ourchinagirls said...

I can see some resemblance there but I have had people say so many times that some of our girls look like they could be blood related and we know there is no way. Good luck! I sent you a PM. Please let me know if you received it. Thanks!

Emily said...

It's crazy the resemblance! I can't wait for you to get those test results!!!

Vicky said...

Yes, they most definitely could be siblings! Can't wait to see it confirmed!

Sammy said...

They are siblings!! And, their orphanage knows it. That is why they were foster siblings. And they look exactly a like!!

I have two girls that have found their sibling. And, the information did not come from the orphanage. One, is Remi. Remi was not with her sister, Abi in a foster home, but the orphanage put them with foster moms who were best friends, and the girls were best friends in China--that is all we were told. The girls were home for a year before I knew they were sisters. We did DNA eventually and they are. Also, Remi has memories of Abi (after I told Remi I knew they were sisters) of Abi as a baby in a picture before Abi was abandoned.

Another daughter, Bret... long story, but a newly adopted daughter Arden is who told me. Arden told me her best friend, Michelle was Bret's sister. Turned out that was all true too!

Now Remi sees her sister frequently. Bret texts her sister who lives far away. Bret and Arden plan on flying to see Bret's sister since they will all be over 18 y.o. soon.

Marsella Yohana said...

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From the Erben Gang..... said...

I can't wait to hear! Wish you would do 23 and Me for all of your kiddos and hoping Kaja is related to one of them;-)

Sally R said...

I applaud you for your adventures with your tribe!!!

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Maybe or maybe relatives, but not brother and sister. Sometimes cousins can look alike too. You won't know till you complete the test. Best wishes.

Brian Ricker said...

I have been holding my breath too, so I hope you will have something to share soon!