Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Meet Jenny!

In December we were blessed with a daughter!

God orchestrated everything and we are so thankful!

She came to us as Joy 
and that is a perfect name for her
because she is truly a Joy!

However, we happen to have a little rascal named Joey!

And if you have ever watched Dennis the Menace...
Well then, you know our Joey!

you will understand that often...
more than often...
actually quite frequently...
we will say his name 
in our home...


Our dear Joy was on high alert every time we said his name!
and usually, it's not said...

The two names just sounded... 
too much alike!

So after much prayer and contemplation...
along with asking Joy how she felt about changing her name.

It was officially changed to Jennifer Joy!
It is a childhood favorite for both of us 
and in my heart
I always felt we had a Jenny!
Thank goodness she loved the name, too!

Actually, our Billy was going to be Jenny, if he was a girl.

I would like to share a few things about her!
She loves art, drawing and being creative!
She is a natural at it and 
we are excited to give her many opportunities to blossom in art!
(We got the jacket from Gap kids!)

She has a smile that lights up a room and an absolutely adorable dimple in her right cheek!
She remembers Mandarin and can speak it and write it pretty well!
She is continuing in Mandarin class with some of our other children
may be able to be bilingual!

Her biggest sis Katie got this great pic of her while we were in Florida!
I love it when Katie randomly takes her little sisters for photo shoots!
Right after that, her camera broke ;-(
but she has now purchased a second camera
for her photography business ;-) !

Jenny likes to try new things, especially when her siblings are doing it!

Once she saw them on the ice she wanted to give it a try!

She is not a fan of extremes-
such as too cold or too hot outside!
Well, neither am I!
(if only such a place existed!)

 She has a cautious side and holding the alligator was challenging for her 
and maybe not so enjoyable!

She is getting to know her older siblings and they are getting to know her!
Their comments are "she fits in so perfectly", "she is such a nice girl" and 
"everyone enjoys having her as their sister"!

Jenny cannot swim so swim lessons are a top priority for us!
She was afraid of the ocean when we got to Florida but near the end of our time their 
she put on a life vest and swam in the ocean!

She loves gymnastics class, she is learning to rollerblade,
she likes to jump on the trampoline and she loves frozen yogurt!
When she first joined us she wasn't so sure about our food.
It was different than what she was used to
but now she loves it and always asks for seconds!

She gets along with all of her siblings!
She is not afraid to speak her mind!
Sometimes she is right and sometimes she's not
but then we explain the circumstances to her and she gets it!

Sometimes she pouts and sometimes she stomps away but
we need to give her time and grace.
If there is anything I have learned about older child adoption...

She is a smart girl and so easy to teach!
I was shocked at how well she reads!
She has a knack for math and is quick to know her math facts!
Truly a "joy" to have in our homeschool class!

We have thought about growing out her bangs
but we aren't sure and neither is she!
Stay tuned!

It's been really good to have siblings 
just a little older and just a little younger!
At different times...
different sibs are a fit!

BTW- we love artificial twinning!
It's an adoptive term for when the kiddos are close in age but not officially twins.
The three above were born
6/2005, 1/2006 and 3/2005 (and yes, two birthday posts are coming soon!)
The other three girlies where born
11/2005, 4/2006 and 10/2006.

Six blessing sooo close in age!

This is just a hint at the bday post!
She was very happy with her gifts!

We are so thankful she is home! She is such a blessing to our family!

Please respect her privacy!
We will not answer any question regarding her past, 
before she joined our family through domestic adoption!
Thank you!


Stacey T. said...

Just want to say how glad I am that the folks that adopted in China brought her back to the US and didn't disrupt in China....this is my hope for people that are having a hard time in China. Bring them HERE, there's more support and help and families like your amazing family that will help and love!!!


Candy said...

Congratulations!!!! Jenny is beautiful. She has such a beautiful smile.

Wendy said...

Congratulations! She is really a very pretty little girl!!!!

Zanmei said...

Your children all look so sweet in their photos, it's hard to imagine they may sometimes behave like rascals or be given to pouting! They are blessed to have parents who see their full potential and are willing to give them time. And of course, you are blessed to have so many treasures and to see firsthand the transforming work God is doing in their lives!

Zanmei said...
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dawn said...

So happy she is home. Happy birthday to Jennifer Joy!!!

Sherri said...

What a blessing! Your love for your children inspire me often <3

Lynn said...

where did you find that great artist jacket - I have a little artist from China too!

Emily said...

I love this! I have prayed that she would be able to blend right into the family. She's a beautiful girl, and I'm glad she's part of your family. Thanks so much for the update!

Jenny Leong said...

Love the name Jenny! She is beautiful and that little dimple - oh my. Thanks for sharing. (Joey is a rascal - No way :-))~~ He does have that cheeky look on his face though]

kate said...

"Jennifer Joy" makes me think of the Shel Silverstein poem (sung on "Free to be You and Me") about helping. :>

Jo's Corner said...

Congratulations on your new daughter! I love the name. I have a niece named Jenny Marie. Happy Birthday, Jenny Joy! Hugs - Jo

Mary Ellyn said...

I recently read your whole blog from start to finish. It took me over 5 days to get through it but it was so worth it. When I finished, I felt like I had just finished a good book and was sad to come to the end. You and your family are truly an inspiration. I look forward to new posts.

Tina Michelle said...

Awe! I was hoping to see more of your newest addition. Was it so hard to keep her adorable pics off the blog until now? She is adorable. I love when I see your kids smile. Their eyes look so happy. Congrats to your whole family!

Jennifer F. said...

Congratulations! Love this post and your recent one on NHBO. We are taking a huge leap of faith and are in process for an "older child", who will also be out of birth order and an artificial twin -- all of which were things we'd said we couldn't consider. I am convinced, though, that it is one of the best decisions we ever made. ;-)

Brenda Fung said...

Jenny is just gorgeous!! Very clearly a blessing to you and your family.

You will have my continued good thoughts for her smooth transition into your family, but I've no doubt it will be wonderful.

All our best thoughts and wishes for Jenny,


K said...

One of my daughters also joined our family in a similar way that Jenny joined your family. We had the blessing of being able to "do China" together when we all travelled back to adopt my youngest. She has a picture sitting on the bulldog outside Lucy's just like her sisters. I love big families and, had I been married instead of single, I wouldn't have stopped at four children. I am so interested in "picking your brain" to get some ideas on managing logistics such as homeschool, outside activities, and the myriad of medical/therapy appointments, food issues, how you get them to all get ready in time, etc... if you can ever make time to talk with me. I'm interested in your ways because it looks like you keep things as simple as possible, such as the way you do Christmas, yet the children have a rich full life. You keep it within what they can handle yet it looks like they are also making progress. This last year has been rough. My oldest three have been diagnosed with intellectual disability. It's a relief to know that there is a reason for their behavior and lack of progress, but at the same time, I'm devastated because it means they will be forever dependent. Your blog is an inspiration to me! Thank you.

ZetteLolo said...

she is a wonderful girl !!!