Monday, April 25, 2016

Our Baby is in the Double Digits!

Sweet Anna turned 10 on April 2nd!
She has joined many of her other siblings in the double digits!
Sarah, Emma, Mia, Ellie, Jenny, Ava, Melissa, Abby...
and now
our Anna!

Birthdays are so exciting and this one was just as wonderful as could be!

Two big brothers met us at brunch and then joined us at home for presents!

I told everyone to line up for a picture and 
these two decided they wanted to be in the front row!
The little kids were so funny!
Move Mark and Johnny, move!

Much better big boys!
The front row just wasn't a fit!

Johnny was only 13 yrs old when Anna came home!
She was 17 months old at that time!
She was the youngest to come home and our first!
Now, Johnny is 22 and Anna is 10!

Anna with her four birthday gifts!

American Girls 
are alive and well at our house!
When a sister gets a new doll everybody finds their doll and they all play-
American Girl Dolls!
It's good! Really good!

She got matching PJ's with her Samantha doll!

I know, I am posting a lot of pics with
Anna smiling!
But I just can't help it!
It's just pure joy!

She's getting her ears pierced!
Melissa and Anna will do it together!
(Melissa has been waiting for Anna!)

We LOVE soccer!
We love to watch our big brother Johnny play soccer!
now we have signed up 6 girls and 2 boys for the recreational league!
We may not be the most skilled team 
we will be cute!
Hubby is the coach of the girls team and an assistant to the boys!
Billy, Mark and Johnny are going to help coach, too!

An orange watch!
Exactly what she wanted!
Thank you Amaz*n!
(I didn't even know it existed!)

And then, they all need to get a little closer to take a good look at the gifts!

So blessed to be her Momma and Daddy!

 Time to light the candles!

And sing "hApPy BiRtHdAy"!

I'm having a bit of a hard time with this crew growing up so fast.
It's inevitable, but for some reason I thought I could slow things down a bit...
obviously not...

We started the birthday celebration early
because we had evening plans.

Quite awhile ago,
 we got tickets to
Big Daddy Weave
Plumb and
Jordan Feliz!

Gradually, I am taking more and more of the kids to Christian music concerts.

The people behind us were super nice!
We took their pic and they took ours!

And when we got home, these two big bros we there!
They watched the NCAA final with the rest of the fam at home!

Everyone had fun!
So thankful to God!

Happy Birthday sweet Anna!
We are blessed to be your Mommy and Daddy!


Holly said...

I share a birthday with sweet Anna. My mom says that it was April Fools Day and she thought I was coming. She watched the late show and went to the hospital and they sent her home. She watched the late, late show and went to the hospital and was sent home. She watched the late, late, late show and went to the hospital. Finally they just decided to let her stay. I was born the next morning. :)

Anna, I bet (like me! :) ) that your family knows you were totally worth waiting for.
Since I missed your day...I'll just wish you a really happy rest of the year.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Happy Birthday Anna! May amazing things come your way!

Jboo said...

Happy #10 to sweet Anna! What a beautiful smile -- no wonder you can't help taking pictures of her! Looks like so much fun! I remember when Maddy really loved her AG dolls -- such a wonderful time!