Tuesday, April 5, 2016


These two girls have a long history together!
They both lived in the same orphanage for 11 years and in that time created an inseparable bond.
They basically created a family within the orphanage which allowed them
"to survive" very challenging circumstances.

Oh, how I wish I could have those 11 years back...
I wish both girls could have known the love of a family as an infant.
Mia wished that she could have come home long before
11 years old...

Once again, on our way back from Florida
 we were able to meet up with Victoria and her family.

Thank you Pam and Robert!
We loved chatting with you!
It is such a blessing to us to be with other adoptive families!
Especially when we have so much in common!

Older child adoption is not always an easy road
so support and encouragement is very important!

The kids all chatted and compared family stories!
The girls couldn't believe how long they would have to wait to-
get a cell phone
drive a car
go on a date
have more freedom.

they were smiling and laughing
feeling secure
knew they were loved and cherished
really didn't care one bit about the
the phone
the dating
or the freedom...

I think they were just fine with it!

Loving the choices and the direction we are going in!
Soooo thankful to Jesus!


Vicky said...

Aww...I'm so happy that Victoria and Mia could meet again! I love Mia's smile! Perhaps one year as you travel back and forth we could meet you in Atlanta as I know Mia was special to Kendall!

Kendall has loved seeing Victoria, Phoebe, and Lyric all from Huainan when we visit Huntsville! Precious girls with wonderful Christian families!

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