Saturday, May 21, 2016

I Have Another Announcement!

We love listening to our local Christian Radio Station-
whenever we are in Sylvia!

The children sing-a-long to the music!

The other day,
Sarah called up to me from the back of the van-

 "Mother, will you please tell these children
God is NOT on the Moon"

HE is on the MOVE!

We were hysterical!

12 of 14 Mulvahills
thought God was on the moon!
Okay, maybe HE is...
but that's not how the song goes!

I had to say,
"Children, God is not on the Moon. He is on the MOVE!"

Click on the link below and see for yourself!

Love laughing with this crew!
Never a dull moment!


Vicky said...

So cute!

Melissa said...

Love it, Jean!! Our kids thought the song by Casting Crowns was, "Just Behave" instead of "Just Be Held." Blessings!!

ZetteLolo said...

awsome ! I love these children's interpretation of songs !

ChCanada said...

Haha, glad you got that cleared up :)
Question in regards to the van, did you get a seat installed in the back for Ellie/Emma? We need some sort of solution like that in the (near) future.