Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's Ben's Turn!

And, another kiddo turns 10 years old!
Being a Mom to this dear child
is such a

I watched him as he waited on
many different agencies lists...
the shared list...

and then, with God's perfect timing
he became our son!

We are so blessed to have him home and
in our family!

do not let fear control you.
Step out in faith and you will be blessed!

So, guess who just turned 10 years old!

You guessed it!
HaPpY BiRtHdAy

He has an amazing zest for life!
He is easy going and mild mannered!
But at this moment, he is quite excited!

His brother Sam, sees this as an opportunity 
for his own nerf gun
to be released
from Daddy jail!
(It's been there for quite awhile!)
Now everyone is happy!

Oh ya!
This and a lego set and life is good!
Especially if your the birthday boy!

What's this?
Girl clothes?
No thank you!

Just teasing!
He got a couple rubix cube
(all the kids love them now since a few got them for Christmas)
and a boogie board!

No dirty socks and underwear like we promised!

And the crowd gets closer and closer!

We spent the morning at the Abeka display 
and ordered our school books for the next school year.
Which will begin in July!
We take about 6 weeks off and then start back at school about 3 days a week.
In August we up it to 4 days a week (mornings only)
and by the time school starts for the public school kids,
 we are well on our way!

In the afternoon we went to the movie
"Jungle Book"
It is soooo good!
16 of 16 Mulvahill's highly recommend it!
During a slightly scary part Luke left his seat and needed to sit on my lap!
It was a welcomed Mommy moment!

This looks harmless!

Until there is a massive blaze!

It gets 'em everytime!

The big girls were on our side of the table and so were Joey and Luke!
They thought it was a bit unfair- sorry girls!
You're with the old folks now!

Happy Birthday song for the birthday boy!

Luke's getting squeezed out!

And now, everyone digs in!

Abby you are so busted, get a fork!

Happy Birthday BEN!
He had a GREAT day!
The big kids couldn't join us but they sent him birthday texts and called him!
He loved it!
We are oh. so. slowly. moving into the 21st century!

Ben was born with spina bifida but you would never know it!
He has a slight limp and he is completely independent with his self cares!
Message me if you have any questions!
All he needs is a reminder now and then.
When I look at him I see an amazing son!
And two thankful parents!

He chose the DQ oreo blizzard cake!
Yes, we are buying larger cakes nowadays!

We do the same routine month after month with a different birthday child!
Each time... it's a blessing!

And the happy birthday song for the 18th time today!
We sing in the morning, in the afternoon, in the van, at dinner and with the cake!
The kids have adorable voices... but not the parents!

Enjoying HIS moment!

Contemplating his birthday wish!

No girlfriends!


Tina Michelle said...

Happy birthday!!

Do you have a month left with no birthdays by this point? :)

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Happy Birthday to Ben !

Are you going to update the left side with the addition of all the new grandbabies and Jenny?

mewohlwend said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Ben! It's always such fun to see their birthday celebrations!!