Monday, May 9, 2016

My Mother's Day 2016 and a Wonderful Mother's Day Gift!

What a wonderful Mother's Day!
We had a good showing!
We were missing Matt, Caitlin, Katie, Andrew, Emily and Ali.
Love you all and so glad we were able to be together 2 weeks ago!

This children went shopping with Hubby yesterday and picked out a few gifts!
I had a moment to myself while they were gone!
That was actually a bonus gift!

Many of the children made a Mother's Day card 
and Emma made me a necklace!
She has such a kind heart!

So thankful that these three big boys live nearby!
There "assignment" was to come over and talk about childhood memories!
I love hearing their tales from their perspective!
We always end up laughing!

Johnny brought me tulips!

Mark brought daisies and swiss chocolate!

Billy brought a gift card to a local new restaurant-
 looks like hubby and I are going to get a date night!

They each brought something thinking they were covering
 for their other brothers (they forgot to talk)!
I loved it!
Don't talk or plan next year boys-
 this worked out well for me!

This pic was the "6th take"!
The two little goofballs in the front row were having quite the time
laughing at the big bros!

Now I get to share with you about my
BEST Mother's Day GIFT EVER!

 My last post was about my old computer crashing along with my 48,000 pics...
Pics of our adoptions, important family moments,
our children's lives in China, and so much more...

It was so upsetting I couldn't even talk about it.
I had such a sick feeling in my stomach but I couldn't focus on that...
I had the children to take care of and life "to do"...
I could only pray and pray and pray!
I trusted that somehow GOD had a good plan...

Well, God used our oldest son and
it turns out that in 2012 he set up a crash plan
for our computer and for his computer.

When he found out what happened
he went back to see if it actually backed up everything.
Seriously 48,000 pics are a lot of pics...
Maybe it didn't work or maybe it wasn't retroactive?
Maybe it just backed up from that day forward?

Little by little he was able to see more and more pictures.
He had many conversations with the hubby and they were hopeful!
In the end he was able to recover 46,000 pictures!
(We think the other 2,000 pics were duplicates.)

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you MATT!
Thank you Caitlin, for giving up your hubby for all those many, many hours that it took to
investigate, recover and download
our family pictures!

tears of joy and speechlessness...
We are just SO THANKFUL!

there are a few other "smaller people" that are quite thankful, too!
Their memories, their stories, their pasts have been preserved!
Wow, wow, wow!
and whew!
Please learn from me and always back up your pictures!

When we were in China for Ava and Sam the VPN stopped working.
China blocks everything that is google, gmail, blogger, facebook, etc.
There are ways to get around it but with that particular adoption it didn't work...
So I went over to the journey to me site and
shared our adoption of Ava and Sam through JTM.
Nowadays "Journey to me" is not a working site.
And their adoption is not on my blog so I didn't even have blog pics on it...
Yes, I did get a DVD of our journeys from them BUT...
don't ask me where they are...

The look on Sam and Ava's face when they heard their adoption pics maybe gone
was beyond heartbreaking...
They kept saying
"What do you mean?"
"Have you found them yet?"

They cheered when they heard the good news!

Just so thankful to God!


Emily said...

That is the worst feeling in the world. I lost half my 2009 photos and never was able to recover them. I have everything backed up on two hard drives now, as well as all my photos in the cloud. Not worth losing them.

Jennifer said...

Hi Jean,

I read this article and thought of your girls, especially Sarah and Mia!