Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Recent SPAM posts are FAKE

Just want to reassure everyone that all is well
here at our house!
Thank you for your concern!

These post are SPAM and we have no idea why the blog is being attacked.
It's kind of creepy...
actually it's very creepy but
we will choose to ignore the creepiness
(evil comes in all forms)
and focus on all that is good!

Along with tightening up things, changing setting, etc for the blog.

Thank you Matt(our oldest son) for helping me out!


Jessim said...

Do you have an email address that can be used to post on the blog? It is possible that rather than a targeted spam attack on your blog, they are sending emails to that address erroneously.

/I'm dealing with someone who keeps using my email address. I've gotten all kinds of bills and receipts and collections for her. It is her first name and last initial; but it isn't her address!

Emily said...

I sure was hoping that was the case!

Jo's Corner said...

aww, sure, Jean! Girlfriend, just pay your bills.. ; )
<3 <3 <3