Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Congratulations Matt!

We are so proud of our oldest son, Matt!
In the end of May, he graduated from graduate school at the University of Colorado 
with a Masters in Bio Statistics!

He has made many friends in Colorado over the last six years 
and he truly enjoys all the people that he has been working with from this department!

Matt received "The Maurice Davies" award for being the top bio statistics student.

The award winners- Mikaela, Matt and Brian!

Debashis is the head of the Bio Statistic Department and
Nicole is one of Matt's professor's and mentor!

So thankful we could go to Colorado and be there for his graduation!
And it was so much fun spending time with Caitlin and Matt!
The next time we will see them...
they will have their baby!
Can't wait!


Natalee-Rose Brake said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog for quite sometime, and was wondering what is your current bedroom arrangement? With that may kids, I wonder how you also arrange your bedrooms to fit them. Thanks!

Sammy said...

Congratulations!! What an accomplishment!

Vicki said...

Yay!!! Another accomplishment and baby on the way!
Your newbie's sweet eyes (daughter) look like my little's eyes.